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"In just a few days, women have been responding to me in a totally different way - it's like before they were waiting for something and now they see it instantly. I went out last night and left with the hottest girl in the bar."    -Rory M.


"..it leaves me in shock kind of stunned. I've been this good looking guy getting no chicks. I have this, I have that, but NO. And now I know why." -Alfredo


"..she looked in my eyes and said can I have your number please...I like to thank you man because for the 1st time a girl ask me for a number"

-Louie (man in training)


"...So I was very comfortable with her. I remembered that women want sex more than men, so I just paved the way for her to have sex with me. I talked about it normally and made her feel comfortable with it. When she came to my place the next day, she told me that I was so experienced with women. The process to lay was very smooth."

Definitely your products helped in this case. Thanks for that." -Rick


"It takes courage to confront the beast that is the conventional wisdom of
the proper relations between the sexes.  Rion Williams challenges and shows
men how to throw off the artificial 3D glasses which North American society
has handcuffed us with.  His work is an important step in restoring freedom,
balance and harmony to the Natural order. "   Greg -  Albany, NY
p.s. Your 'Hitch' article is amazing.  


"Hey guys, I just wanted to take a moment and tell you about my experiences with Rion and Model Magnet. I got into the seduction community about a year ago, when I took a big name boot camp. Since then, I've overcome my fear of approaching women and learned to communicate much more effectively socially.

While I've had great success in this last year, something was still missing. I had the great fortune to take a seminar by Rion recently. I had heard great things about his Model Magnet system, but I wasn't personally familiar with his material. Very quickly I realized that Rion new exactly what he was talking about. Oh, and one more thing, he had the missing pieces that were holding me back from true success with women.

Rion explained that I was competing with women on their own turf by using my social skills to win them over. We all know how much power women wield socially, and unfortunately abuse as well. While competing socially with them can be done, with much practice no doubt, Rion had a much more effective way to bridge the power gap.

Ironically, Rion's secret weapon was a quality that all men, including you and me, were born with. This quality encompasses being ourselves naturally, sexually, and biologically. Society's influences have somehow covered up this 'natural character' over time in all of us, making many of us essentially ill-equipped to communicate with women effectively.

I can't say enough how Rion and Model Magnet have completely changed my paradigm with women. Whereas I was competing with the social matrix before, Rion taught me how to defeat and use the social matrix to my advantage. Rion's seminar and products have been nothing short of mind-blowing."

-Blincubus -Dallas, TX


"Hi Rion, just wanted to say WOW, your material really works!!! I've only been applying the principles you set out in your e-book for a short time and I just had to let you know I'm getting responses from women I never would of dreamed of before.

Thanks for making this stuff available and keep it coming dude!!"



"Your program takes a completely different perspective on dating then many other sources. At first I couldn't figure out what you were talking about it simply made no sense. Then all at once something snapped. It was as though someone had turned on a light in a dark room. At that instant, I finally understood why I wasn’t doing as well as I should. I multiplied my success 50x and since then have continued to increase improve with women using your material."

-anonymous tip sent in on testimonial hotline


Send in your own Model Magnet Testimonial & maybe you can win a product or two

"Six months ago I began a process of learning to be more successful with women and dating. I didn't want to be sitting in my easy chair ten years from now frustrated and alone. In February I ordered The Men's Guide To Women, The Model Magnet Character Continuum and Overcoming Fear Of Aphrodites CD series.

After having read and listened to many other products on the market, I still found my interactions with women intimidating. There seemed to be a missing element that was limiting my success. What Rion Williams helped me understand most is that we are living in what he refers to is a "forced reality" and why men have grown uncomfortable interacting with the opposite sex.

I have a much better perspective of the actual social dynamics men are confronted with in our current era. I've grown a lot more certain in my interactions. The effects have been quite profound. Once I finally got it and am approaching things from a whole different perspective, things are gradually camming together.

I wished I had this information years ago. You don't have to work or rely on tactics, gimmicks or trickery. I have a vast collection of audio and written products. Model Magnet is some of the best material out there. Couldn't be more please with what I've learned! "

-Mark A. Johnson



"Very insightful and more deeper than others."

-Har, hariki12 @ hotmail.com 


"Rion, Here is my 2 cents on how your materials helped me move beyond my plateau. I never understood why there were times I was massively successful with women and times where success was on the horizon but I fumbled the "process" (due to moments of "Forced Reality" conditioning).


I've already achieved my goal for this year in the "attraction" department and your book (that I purchased for myself as a birthday gift to myself in Feb.) took me to that point. The point of UNIVERSAL ATTRACTION with virtually 90-95% of women of all walks of life (married, women preferring women, young, mature, Indian, Asian, Mexican, Caucasion etc.).

Something like Denzel Washington or Sean Connery. My presence effects any environment upon my arrival without ONE word spoken. Women respond like I'm dripping sex with every step I take. I'm not F****** exaggerating one bit, it's something to experience.

This is going to be an INTERESTING SUMMER to say the least. I have what I call not the every day confidence.....no it's what I call UNDISPUTED CONFIDENCE.

The Way you put things in proper perspective helped me understand that it was ok to unleash this part of me instead of letting it play "hide and seek" based on society's rule book of do's and don'ts.

There is nothing wrong on BEING who I am without shame. Props. rgds, JAY p.s. I still look like I'm barely 18 at the age of 26, but it doesn't matter because now I'm unstoppable. "

-Johnny (JAY) Walker I V


"Through the years I have found myself connecting to a greater power as a man, but it was off and on and I really didn't understand it. All I knew was at certain times I could attract beautiful women to the point that they would come to me and other times I didn't have enough strength to look a beautiful woman in the eye... none the less talk to her. I couldn't understand what was going on. I was having a massive internal conflict. It was insane...

I had part of me trying to be the man that I am meant to be and the other part trying to conform to what society expects out of me (or what I thought it expected out of me). So I was left in the middle very confused and then "she" came along. I was attracted to her from the git go and her me. We entered a relationship that was destined to end. She was very independent and demanding, I tried to conform to her and the more I conformed to what she said she wanted the further we drew apart.

After we had broke up I realized that as a man you have to be a man... and your material helped me realize why the relationship ended, because I was no longer being myself. You can't let anyone push you around regardless of what they tell you. I started reading a lot of PUA material and found a greater understanding of what it meant to be an alpha male and what women want but still felt like a lot of it was just an "act" that I had to portray, and it wasn't working.

About a month ago I stumbled across the Model Magnet ebook and webpage. Reading the material everyday was like a positive affirmation of how to be a man. Immediately I started to tell a difference in my confidence level I started to connected with the universe, I was becoming a MAN. Women started popping up left and right. Beautiful women would approach me and instead of me trying to act as the response I was being the stimulus.

I felt a deep roar emanating from within and it is still echoing throughout my ears. This material has been one of the most profound and informational pieces of literature I have personally ever read (I read a lot of information too along with my a degree in cellular biology).

It's wonderful because it can be used for a PUA to further his game and improve his odds, or it can be used for a guy like me that just wants to be able to connect with women and give them what they want in a relationship. Thank you so much Rion Williams I will continue to read your newsletters on a daily basis."


 www.myspace.com / ilieawake 


Who said the best things in life weren't free? The free ebooks i've read from this guy seemed to be the best thing that happened to me since my momma gave birth to me. Of course, getting the real deal i.e. the other parts of the system would make me more complete! YOU ROCK!
Lim "Hunk", darkphotons @ hotmail.com

"I think Rion really knows what he is talking about. I've listened to a lot of so called "Guru's" who could talk, but couldn't teach a bird how to sing. This guy really makes a lot of since and I really "Get it" when he's explaining the processes going on in a woman's mind when she's thinking about a man or considering him as a potential lover.

Plus, just reading his material has opened my eyes to new behaviors that I can easily adapt so that women are now flirting with me wherever I go. I'm beginning to know and understand how easy it is when I adapt the thinking that I as a man am actually the center of "her" universe, and not the other way around. It makes all the difference in the world.

There are no more insecurities when seeing things from that perspective and Rion shows us how to be in that place."

Nic P.


"I just attended an introductory seminar by Rion Williams, and I was very impressed! Rion is an intense and passionate instructor who sincerely wants to add value to the lives of his students.

In fact, after the formal seminar was over, we all ended up hanging out together, talking about women into the wee hours of the morning. Rion has been struggling with the question of what women really want, and after much study and experimentation he has assembled a body of material that adds some structure to the entire attraction process across all its aspects: natural, internal, and interdependent.

Just the principle that men must be the stimulus and allow women to be the response leads to an avalanche of consequences, and a major transformation in how a man can interact with women. I especially liked his worldwide view of women, and his comparison of women across cultures.

Rion's material is so much more than the same old, same old, seduction techniques, since he is building a more universal model of female attraction. I'm really looking forward to applying the principles and ideas he shared with us. A big thumbs up here!"

A. Lester Buck, Houston TX

"Thanks for the workshop on Saturday!  It was great to learn about a new way to approach dating and women, and I really appreciate your being such a gracious teacher and host."



Tony, Houston Seminar Attendee



Van Bators, Dallas TX Seminar Attendee



Jason, Seminar Attendee



Aslan, Seminar Attendee



Jayson, Seminar Attendee



"I kissed a girl and we talked to quite a few people...../Suggestions?

Triple Your Dating    or    Dating Magnet    or    Sex Magnet    :P....

By the way, Í have 2 girlfriends now. One from ____ one from ____,
and 3 in the queue to call in Barcelona, if I don't count the 2 from Madrid
yesterday. They'll have to wait....Things are going great. What I've read from you and the seminar (yours) made me save a couple of years of struggling :P Oh, I should send you some pictures from barcelona."

-Etienne, Barcelona - Seminar Attendee

Follow-up: Below:::


5 months ago I left Canada to come to Spain. Back then, I could randomly have sex every 3 months but never keep a relation. Now, I have 2 girlfriends and 3 phone numbers I didn't call yet. I made huge progress in 5 months, and Ross Williams is one of the reasons. He saved me years of confusion by giving me the answers. Once I understood well his Model Magnet, I started understanding the world around me. I now see obvious things that most people don't and it really opened my mind. I'd say the biggest concrete difference Ross' stuff made is this. Before, when I was reading traditional pickup stuff from the biggest gurus, I got to kiss girls in bars easily, but they would leave after. Now, I take a phone number, and when I call back, we meet for a cofee in town, go to bed after and they stay attached to me. This is how I got 2 girlfriends.



"I started listening to your podcasts a few weeks ago, and really like your message. It makes sense to me. So, I don't have a great story, I just seem to be getting more attention from women now. I can't really explain it, I guess it is just an attitude adjustment that your podcasts provided."

-Andrew Ross


"Okay, my name is ben, ive been on your mail-list for a while, and what strikes me as liking above all the others is the writings you come up with, the others may be forwarding something they written a while back, but i noticed u that u writings things pretty quick and there's something i always learn from just reading your emails,

it brings me a good internal frame and makes me go out and sarge the natural way, i haven't read ur model magnet book i've gotten a while back but i look foward to reading it, u make me wonder how u can unsolve the puzzle while so many others out there are still finding the pieces."

Ben Perez, san diego 


Send in your own Model Magnet Testimonial & maybe you can win a product or two

"arrrr.. i'm still trying to be the alpha. ALL i was working on was just character and thoughts of the truth. Because i realize what u say to girls is not important even though many dudes think it matters while they were making out with hot chick..

i haven't have any success yet, because i know even though i can get 1 or 2 girls, that doesn't mean my success rate come close to 80%. Now no matter where i go, as long as i see hot women who catches my eye, i could see they (not married women yet) reacting without saying a thing. they just feeling there is chemistry (at least that's what they make me feel). now i developing the connections, because i realize if it works only ONE time, i will be able to get 98% of the attractive (because it appears to me that those attractive women start liking me without even knowing me)"



"Insightful and a real eye opener. Superbly researched and documented. This material will give any man an advantage in really understanding women and the attraction process. Lots of practical tips make it a worthwhile read.

Insightful and a real eye opener. Superbly researched and documented. This will give any man a true understanding of women"


aftab_j @ yahoo.com 


"Everyone has said it before, but I will say it one more time…this system is the BEST one there is. Don’t take it from Rion, take it from those of us who have actually applied the material to our lives and seen results close to that which we had thought only in our dreams would be possible.

The Model Magnet System's unique approach of working from the ground up (Natural self to Social Self, you’ll get it once you read it ;) ) has greatly helped me to truly open my eyes to the real social dynamics involved. Like GI Joe used to say "Knowing is half the battle!"

The other half is simply action. Rion provides anyone with the knowledge necessary to make informed decision's about dating and dealing with women in general. Even with the MM System in its infancy and my exposure limited to the email list and the "Men's Guide To Women" e-book, I have gained enough to drastically change my approach to women.

This is real, applicable theory that, if you make the conscious effort to get out there and see for yourself is true, has me almost swimming in girls. I am a twenty year old college student who really has no problem attracting women in the first place; however, I never really got the ones I wanted.

With Rion's teaching, I have been able to see past the social crap thrown by drama filled women and take charge of my own life. I have at least six girls I could call right now, all really hot, and have them come over for a booty call. When I go out this weekend, I will not get nervous care what other people think as I flirt with their hot friends and girlfriends…

and probably take some of them home. It's a real change in lifestyle, and one I will continue to improve through the Model Magnet System. "

-Eric Jones

jones.2334 @ osu.edu


"Rion your weekly news letters and your radio 'dating' podcast has realy helped me understand the different levels of Character a man needs to portray in order to be successful with woman. Though I've only been listening for a short period of time I'm seen a big change in the way I relate to woman."

-David F.

davefox_ @ hotmail.com


"i have been doing these all along but all women seemed to think and feel the sort of alpha male when i did my 1st approach even though she's by her group or herself. she would be flattered, but won't go out with me because i projected a little bit of wussiness and qualifying to her or even conscious that i do not speak fluent english. she will eventually find ways to disqualify me like my race."

-drewchristo @ yahoo.com 

my comments: get my products to cure thyself


Send in your own Model Magnet Testimonial & maybe you can win a product or two

"just started with your material. I have found in the same week that I started by improving my natural character more attraction from different women. Keep up the work."

 -Ben (Spain)



"Good understanding of sociology as it applies to the dyad relationship."


I live in many places in the world.  


"The model magnet program has tremendously improved my success with women. Before I was completely BAMBOOZLED when it came to understanding social dynamics and women. Why do they have all the power? This is the question I kept asking myself, I felt I was having to qualify myself to them.

Even worse, instead of choosing women I liked, they chose me, and usually they were not the ones I truly wanted. What I understand now is that it is not about physical beauty, but merely coming from a strong center and reality.

The model magnet program revolutionized my thinking because I now understand that biologically I DO have the power, and that this independence that women hold today is not natural. I take every free moment I can to study your philosophy, due to how much success I have already gotten from it. Keep it up pimp!"

-Max G.


"I think Rion really knows what he is talking about. I've listened to a lot of so called "Guru's" who could talk, but couldn't teach a bird how to sing. This guy really makes a lot of sense and I really "Get it" when he's explaining the processes going on in a woman's mind when she's thinking about a man or considering him as a potential lover.

Plus, just reading his material has opened my eyes to new behaviors that I can easily adapt so that women are now flirting with me wherever I go. I'm beginning to know and understand how easy it is when I adapt the thinking that I as a man am actually the center of "her" universe, and not the other way around.

It makes all the difference in the world. There are no more insecurities when seeing things from that perspective and Rion shows us how to be in that place."

-Nic H Panagos, Los Angeles

"By only reading the free stuff that Rion has made (e-mails and the free e-books) I have gotten a much clearer understanding how dynamics between women and men work. The great thing is that you start noticing things that you previously couldn’t see (so you keep learning without learning knew stuff)."

pickupmaster @ gmail.com 


"Hi Rion I have read many emails and articles by other so called dating gurus, in the past 2 years however,I just couldn't Get It. When I start reading your emails and your Ebook ( Mensguide to Women ) it hit me right between the eyes and I was at ease. You have truly discovered the Roseta Stone of Attraction/Dating!!! "

-Robert Azoulay

robert9162000 @ yahoo.com


Send in your own Model Magnet Testimonial & maybe you can win a product or two


(On the ModelMagnet eBook)

"Informative but it's more or the less the same as the (Mens Guide) book and no much more. I'm looking forward to your other cd's though where you discuss other issues."



Fearlessness Customer


  "Rion, Your thoughts have been inspirational. Thank you."

-Bob petty


"I started out reading up and putting lessons from model magnet to the test because i seemed only to attract flakes. it got me bothered so much that i started to doubt myself - and with the doubt my dating game waned as well. taking some deeper focus on how the dating game works has calmed me down a lot and now i even seem to draw more eyes than i ever did before and it doesn't even take half the work i had to put out to begin with.

strangely enough not taking the game that serious and treating it more like a Roleplaying Game (yes i am a Die Hard Table Top RPG Gamer) has even triple my circle of female friends. you may call me crazy but sometimes i bring a clicker with me so that i can keep count of the IOI's i attract (i gues you could call the points i score my Experience Awards, just as if i'm playing an RPG character).

when the women around me ask me why i brought i tell them honestly that it's just there to polish my ego and it has gotten me a good conversation almost every time and a few pleasant dates to booth. when i began receiving your news letter, Rion, i hid my sexual frustration, but now i openly share in the celebration of my life. Mucho Thanx Rion Williams!!! with regards, "

-Bert van Vught!!!


"I have never met and picked up a gurl with so little effort
, it's amazing. I didn't say a whole lot the entire evening. I feel like a king." -Mark


"I had lost track of who I really was for the last 10 years. After
reading your E-Book I remember who I really am. It took a couple days
to really sink in, but it all makes sense now. I used to get nervous
around people I didn't know. I would hold myself back from being the
REAL me. Now I don't care what people think of me. I'm absolutely
fearless and comfortable ALL of the time, and women are sending
signals my way more than ever. You saved my life."

-i. design

"What initially interested me in Rion's message was how women are different overseas. I'm from another country, travelled a lot, and can certainly confirm his views on this subject.

Reading further into the model magnet I was intrigued by the different angle it presented, so much of it rang true when applying it to past experiences. The seminar reinforced that Rion and the model magnet are for real!

 Rion makes you realise that the natural side is always there, if you are a guy of high character its a matter of harnessing the natural power. He also teaches the Female Attraction Response Mechanism which describes what women want and what they respond to. Its powerful knowledge to apply not only to dating but all areas of life."


-Conrad, Chicago

.."I will be about to not only live in the Matrix but I will be the owner of the Matrix. This stuff is awesome dude. You are genius my friend." -D.K.


"First a bit about me. I'm 51, having social and meeting women issues. Looked at PUA but having a HUGE resistance to it with having to learn all the routines, pickup lines and "tricks" and it feeling all wrong. Found out about Rion's Men's Guide to Women ebook and completely understanding the simpler natural way of meeting women along with the Model Magnet and giving me a road map to getting my issues handled.

Attended Rion's first seminar and came away knowing a few more things, clarifying a few things but most of all, having the pure interaction with the guys on helping each other on understanding Rion's RMA charts with our experiences and viewpoints and understandings.

It is great to have this interaction with my fellow students. I'm sure that Rion will take all this interaction in and help him refine his teaching of the RMA model. Fellow students of Rion's ebooks really should attend one of his seminars to get a deeper understanding of the models and maybe get aha's moments as something "clicks" in their minds. "

-Jon, Phoenix AZ


"..you encourage out your natural self and teach the rules of the game, the real game and how to play.." -Al v F.


Send in your own Model Magnet Testimonial & maybe you can win a product or two

"I took notes and drew out the diagrams from the (free) overview ebook. I had a MASSIVE AHA! Even bigger than when I studied Advanced DYD (David D.)"

-JJ Walker IV


"This is really a cool feeling to have discovered something so profound that it changes your world." -Dave



-Mike C ; TX 

Mini-Seminar Attendee



"..I was talking to a psychologist that I know at the gym about your vision on all of this, and he was very interested. Even with all the knowledge he has about psychology, he admitted not knowing what was going on with women these day, and that he was not able to approach women. You will get a new customer very soon I’m sure. 

Also, I got three women in a month, and it’s never been easier to get a woman to fall for me than now. Thank again." And it was so natural... 


Manuel J.


"This is what i've been looking for for so long!" -Oscar.


The model magnet seminar was phenomenal. I'll be honest. I hadn't completely read the model magnet ebook so I didn't completely know what to expect other than the fact that this seminar would be meaningful, and DIFFERENT than anything i'd experienced thus far. Boy was I right!

The information that Rion taught us was not about "Game". It was about MANHOOD! And that is what women are searching for men, not immature boys. And not only men, but strong,dominant,leaders. That is what you will tap into if you attend this seminar. Play time is over! Lines don't work! But a strong presence will!

-Excel, Atlanta


"The information that you fathomed is one of the biggest truths for men and their liberation...we still have to find another dating and relationship guru ..that shares the basis of his theories for free." -J.B. germany


"Tony Robbins and recently you have helped me in asking the right questions and taking action.
Peace! " -A.


"I also agree that all this PUA stuff can easily get out of hand and it isn't very natural"



"Your stuff looks as though it might "attract" the kind of women I do want" -Dante K.


"i think all this you're bringing to light is some of the best there is.  after years of dink'n around, i'm finally getting my shit together with women. rock on!"  -------------mark



I really liked your view on "be the stimulus, not the response," at the seminar. This is how it ought to be. It puts things back in their natural place. I'm already seeing results, and a prespective as a result of the seminar.
 I found something interisting Sunday night. The first 4 verses of the Song of Solomon, the book in the Bible on attraction and love, are a woman's response to a man.

This astounded me because of being at your seminar the day before. My pastor, Tommy Nelson is a nationally renowned speaker, and travels the country speaking on the Song of Solomon. He makes the other societal shifts you mentioned part of his material, but does not bring up that aspect to the start of the book. I'm just giving you a cool heads up on a little tidbit for your material that NO ONE has.




For me, you provide a context to what's up with many american women, and how you can own your power. Your teachings are for thinking  men. Your information about "natural character" and  "let her come to you" is great!

Best regards


Man, I just wanted to say that your stuff that you have to offer, deffinetly has refined my skills out there in the field... I thought I had my game plan down, but when I read your letters that broke things down, It improved my awareness of woman and in turn my success with them... you are helping put the fine edge on my game with the girls... Just thought I'd let you know that you have something good going out here to help your fellow men.



Thank you, Rion!! This stuff REALLY is amazing!!



Rion thanks for your help
I'm applying this stuff to my life I love it



Send in your own Model Magnet Testimonial & maybe you can win a product or two

"I placed an order for the "Overcomimg Fear of
Aphrodites CD Audio Program" and I'm really looking
forward to an exciting learning experience.

I think that what you have to offer is really quite
unique and very different from everything else I've
seen in the community. Keep up the good work!"

-charles m.p.


"Thanks for your great products, I just ordered the 3 Flash Movies ('CHaracter Continuum', 'FEAR' and 'RMA') as well as the Womens Guide E-Book and so far I love them...

It is the most interesting piece of Science if have seen/read so far and I'll be buying all of your products! This is kick ass science that matters. All those PUA books/ seminars/trainings are so based on learning how to communicate but they forget the base that lies beneath everything:

The evolution of men and women and how we're influenced by all this. You are the first to come up with these fundamentals so precisely and taken into a congruent system. Personally, I don't call it the "Model Magnet" but the "Science of Success for men over women" with you being my "Professor".

Keeep up the great work, I can't wait for your other products to come out..."

-Christian N., Switzerland


"I ordered your Men's Guide to Woman two days ago - It was so incredible couldn't stop reading it until I crashed for lack sleep in the wee hours of the morning! Unlike much of the so-called dating how-to stuff out there, your material looks at root cause problem identification and understanding.

Once you understand the root problems with modern American women, the solution becomes easy. That said, in 5 minutes or less of interaction (body language, conversation) with an American women, I can much peg where they are between traditional vs. independent (using your definitions).

Handling them becomes easy, like a cat with a cornered mouse. And trust me, I am the cat!

I really like the your use of the word "matrix," I assume after the movie with the same title as the hero had to understand the delusional nature the matrix in order to survive. Perfect illustration."

-Roger J.D. (Jan 2, 2006)


"The book is awesome

-John B



Hey, Rion, I'm just replying to let you know that your information has been very helpful, and a huge eye opener. I haven't yet applied all of your techniques, but I've been acting much more cooler and in control around some pretty hot women, than I used to.




I must say I'm pretty impressed with your persistance and personal
attention. I get twice as many newsletters from you than Real Social
Dynamics, Lance Mason and David Deangelo.   -Mike S.


"now that I have worked through your ebook I have to admit that you're findings are the most profound that I have read on women and dating so far!"

Keep up the incredible work, you are profound, sage!


Justin, Germany


Hi Rion,            
"I deeply believe in what you are saying. Or should I say 'I know'. It is my experience as well. It's nothing really new to me, I feel like I'm coming from the same intelligence (the universal), and I love it that somebody is putting it out, especially in 'pick-up land'! The message is profound and really goes beyond seducing or picking up women. It really is essential. About masculinity on this planet. It just feels so good and right inside me, totally. It's what I radiate out in my life as well, albeit not on such a great scale as you.
I've also been listening to your podcasts. And I want to compliment you on your podcast number 9, it's different from the previous ones in a way. In this one it just flows out of you, and it feels so very inspired, what i didn't have as much with the previous ones. It hits home. And I don't think it's just because of me and who I am, it also feels like you are really finding your flow and your true message in this one.
Kick ass at the convention!
It's important for people to have this information coming at them.
Keep it up,"
Tom G.


"Hey dude, man am I glad that I discovered you... I've been into this stuff for about a year now, and read EVERYTHING by the PUA's and about seduction - the whole thing.... Mysery, Style, Dave DeAngelo, ThunderCat blah blah... All of it.

All along I've had this gut feeling that there is something WRONG with it all. I've tried all the shit and it just didn't feel right. Like it does not cure what I wanted to be cured, which is a feeling of deep internal WEAKNESS. Not getting laid is the by-product of this, I  KNOW THAT.

This belief grew more by having a girl in my life that I really liked who didn't care a fig for me, but I watched the kinds of guys she was attracted to and they were all NATURALS to one degree or another, where as I'm not (yet).  

So I've been tooling around with all this seduction shit for ages and then I just decided (like YESTERDAY) that it was bullshit and I need to work on becoming a natural, then today I happen onto your website.

I pretty much feel like going home, grabbing all the books I've got and throwing them all on Ebay (which I may very well do) because you are the ONLY GUY that is saying stuff that makes sense to me. Dave DeAngelo is like HALF WAY there*.

I've been seeking CORRECT KNOWLEDGE for all this time, now I'm dead certain I've found it.

Do you have any recommendations as to what to get first? I've got your ebook so the first thing I'm gonna do is read that... 


Simon, Australia.

*my comments: Dave D. and others kick ass and all guys who are looking for a solution out of having to deal with an unnatural social reality will always have my respect b/c they're taking action and making things happen to find a resolution to pain..just keep in mind the big big picture and that there are perhaps easier ways to achieve the same results (FINALLY)!


Rion - you the MAN!

I'm 27 yrs old and live in Ontario.  I've been a follower of David D's 
stuff for a couple of years, purchasing several hundred bucks - no 
make that about a thousand bucks worth of his stuff.  And it was a 
real improvement over what I had before.  But it always bothered me 
that I had to do so much WORK just to get laid!  It didn't seem 
natural or normal.  Also the typical PUA theory never really explained 
why some guys are naturals or why the rest of the world isn't messed 
up like the West.  Your book is the first to clearly and (as far as 
I'm concerned) accurately lay out a fully "unified field theory" of 
human attraction.  Two words: THANK YOU.

I a shy guy naturally.  I went to a club the other night with my new 
mental paradigm - and it worked like magic.  I was totally alone and I 
had two! women come on to me.  One of them even bought me a drink! All 
this without even saying a word to initiate.  Jedi magic to the 
extreme.  Let's see a PUA try that! It's all in your mental 
perspective and how you carry yourself.  Not only were the women 
receptive but guys were moving out of my way!  I could write on and on 
but I want to keep it short so I'll just say keep up the good work!

Adam D - Ontario



You must be GENIOUS man!!!!    Have you heard that before?
      Your message here was big eyeopener. Until this moment I was still
little insecure about my character and some other things, but your frase
here (to be new man) was like missing piece of the puzzle. Today I have been
talking to more women than within last 6 months, and I mean unknown women.
To be a man ( alpha I think, at least that's my goal ) changes everything
and makes everything sooo easy, approaching, open conversation etc. I feel
this is also strange at first but strong and powerful also (positive way)
and that I'm sort of new born after hell of a war with myself....

  After I have mastered every part of the game I have been thinking about to
start coaching and teaching other guys.That would be "cool". ( Are you sure
you don't want a partner?)
    Anyways God bless you.  I really mean that.



Whazzzup man?  Now when I returned to Finland for holidays, I have had more dates than usual during the week... Thanks to you.
    I have noticed that girls I'm not talking to, they look at me like: I want you right here, right now, come over here and kiss me.  Some girls are even staring at me, and I'm not sure why. (Maybe they haven't seen a man before?)  Some women who are married or with their boyfriends have curious look on their face and some guys even pull their girls closer to them,sort of, when I'm around...

tuukaa, finland


This is the most PROFOUND information available Today!!!! In fact on every point you make, for once I completely agree.. Now, I want you to know I read and listen to a lot of different stuff, not just dating and pickup. I have read most of the books you mention like, Seven Habits and Rich Dad Poor Dad.. And I don't always agree or I should say have the ability to believe all the stuff the authors talk about.
I want to tell ya, I have this relationship now where the girl is totally into me..However after a year or so, things are coming to an end between her and I.  She came over the other night and was looking SO HOT!! And she's mad because im losing interest. Of Course lots of other guys are trying to get her. When she got here it was clear her defenses were up, she started trying to control things running her lips and trying to take my power...
Unfortunately for her I had just finished your audio series, So you know what that means... Anyways once we stopped bickering I took her into the back room and ( you Know) Obviously, had I gave into how good she looked or the fact that I do have some feelings for her, I'm certain it wouldn't have ended that way. I feel great, she's probably even more attracted... I have completely changed how I look at everything about woman... 
Its funny when you start looking at the PUA methods, I remember scratching my head thinking, Now I know my buddy from high school who was incredible with woman didn't know any openers or any negs or any time constraints etc...
Your calmness and way of explaining was also commendable.. Great job, Keep it up. Your one of the only guys who should be marketing this kinda stuff.
J. Herrington 


all the hottest women now are consistently hanging around my radius.
Im pretty sure now I can pull them all.
VERY AWESOME book...consistent...and...very powerful.
BTW,  I read in uberplayer that they have a 6th SENSE...it happens to me ALOT and it happened the next day...just UNBELIEVABLE.
I think guys who get it will understand it better and get alot from it.
From those who don't, it will take time, BUT  A hell LOT of FASTER.
PROPS Rion. Just exactly what I needed. This was the missing piece. =)
I love you man.




Send in your own Model Magnet Testimonial & maybe you can win a product or two

"I just found out about your materials and as another man that naturally attracts women, I want to give you a warm high-five. 

I've gone through a little of other people's materials in the past but it felt that something
was missing and things didn't have to be that complicated and contrived

Lately I've just been myself (as in a man with character) and doing/saying
whatever I've wanted..." -Jon


"Hi Rion I am doing great!  All I can say is that after reading your e-book I
felt like a new man.  I know it sounds corny but I did. 

Your e-book beats fastseduction101 by a mile"

-Mark B.


"I FOUND THE COOL CLIQUE RIoN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The one I've been looking for OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well connected, from Europe to NYC.


Tony Robbins and recently you have helped me in asking the right questions and taking action.

Peace! "



"Your teaching is amazing and unbelievable, dude.  Just for the record, I
started reading your material when I got linked to it from
www.fastseduction101.com .

Let me tell ya, I've never visited that site again and just waited for your
mails when I finished reading the e-book :P .  This is so true; this one
co-worker is harsh flirty and inside I'm just laughing because I'm not even
doing or saying anything to cause her to act that way!  I'm no jerk; all I'm
saying is that you are absolutely correct when you say that you don't even
have to have the 'pickup lines' or let alone say anything for them to be
attracted to you

I believe at this stage I have tapped into the natural and universal balance
of the C.C and I cannot even sometimes comprehend how simple it has to be
Your word is law, bro."

-Mark B.



"Hi Rion,

I love your e-books and I'm waiting for others to be released."

-michael k.


...I had a viewpoint for a long time that people outside of the US are much more relaxed about sex. Your book really comfirms it. But what blows me away is the "natural" approach. There lies a tale about me....

When I started dating some 30 years ago...I was NOT getting anywhere with the women as I had several inner issues that I didn't know at the time and I didn't know what to do...


..before I got your ebook, I was thinking..."Why do I need 'tricks' just to meet women?". Then I got your book and it completely crystalized the understanding that was beginning in my own mind that I should and must approach women natually.


Then I ran across your book.

OH MAN... now that I got this understanding, it will make it very easy to meet and talk to women. Now I just gotta practice saying "Hi...what's up?" to women. :)

Rion... your ebook was like the
possibly the last book that I ever will need to meet women in this very intense learning that I have taken upon myself for the last 5 months to get this issue handled. I feel that now it's the time to start meeting women.

Any time you are in phoenix, give me a shout..I will buy you a drink man...


-Jon, AZ


"...Yet, what you are onto, the bigger picture that you describe, I believe that this is something even more profound! I must have missed that entirely when skimming through your material the first time, hence my first mail, where I asked you as to how your material differs from Dave D's and Carlos Xuma's.


Since reading and listening to the various programs I have always aked myself, well, do we all have to become PUAs to be successful with women?...


...You are right on the mark when showing us that the major problem we are facing as men in this modern age society stems from the "liberation" of women. Without your knowledge and insights I always used to wonder why there were so many "cold" women in our society, ice queens, that wanted to be treated like princesses. Even the not so hot ones. And how women dominate men in marriages. That was disgusting to me, but I thaought it was just the way it is. How wrong I was!

Thanks again for opening up my eyes!


So, my order for the Aphrodite program will be due on Wednesday or Thursday and I am very much looking forward to listening to your advanced audio series."




Thanks Rion for taking the time of writing such a profound response, now I
am starting to get all the pieces of the puzzle solved.

Thanks for your amazing support.

Sincerely, Hugo.


"Thanks for what you are doing. It's too bad that I did not have you around when I got married...I have been slapped with the reality that we are going to be part of the 50%...

..I already read your ebook from beginning to end. It has been a great help in reinforcing ideals that I have abandoned due to many years of counseling and pussyfication (not wussyfication, as you say).


You are doing a great job playing the part of a Maryknoll missionary. We need more voices like yours to be heard. I for one will be covering your 
back, doing my part to echo your sentiments..

I keep running into the same theme: The things my father tried to instill in me as a young man, counter-current to all of the common wisdom of the day, are turning out to be true."

All the best,




Who said the best things in life weren't free? The free ebooks i've read from this guy seemed to be the best thing that happened to me since my momma gave birth to me. Of course, getting the real deal i.e. the other parts of the system would make me more complete! YOU ROCK!
-Lim "Hunk",


"I have not purchased any of your products yet, but plan to do so.   
As a trained scientist, I am naturally skeptical of almost 
everything.  But, I started listening to your podcasts and reading 
your newsletters a few weeks ago, and, well, I believe in what you 
are doing.  I haven't gone out with a model or anything like that, 
but the women in my life are treating me totally different.  I have 
worked with a particular very attractive woman for about 4 years, and 
we have been "friends", and she is getting married this June to a 
complete jackass.  Today she told me that she has feelings for me, 
out of the blue.  This has all happened in the past couple of weeks, 
but I don't think I will act on it.  She's a bit of a headache.  And, 
all I did was start implementing some of your stuff.  I think you are 
on to something."




If you've come across Plato's 'Allegory of the Cave', you probably know what I'm about to say regarding this knowledge you've volunteered to the rest of the world...

This is like staring at the sun, man!  Too bright that at first I can only glance at the reflection in the water- after spending all those years chained and searching in a cave, so to speak...as I sat looking at the shadows cast in front of me...by American women and sexual harassment briefs while still in the service!

Thanks for having the courage and dedication voicing this wisdom out-- it’s starting to sink in...

...Along the way, there have been unfounded 'guaranteed' claims of pseudo-science delving into hypnotism, pheromones, and best pick up lines-- which I was tempted with, yet didn't buy into- but yours is about unrealized or forgotten fundamentals for the common man (or the uncommon knowledge for the common man...modern-day bushido without the katana).

The knowledge you've spelled out..cuts through the layers of excess, and just steals it like diamonds in the mud...if you know what I mean...Yours is cool because it sheds out author's ego and still gets right to the matter.

Will be applying this knowledge (carefully, of course...just like martial arts or accounting), and will let you know the outcome. 

Ben J.    -Maryland


I think that your book is phenomenal.  It has really changed the entire way that I view the "mating game."  The whole male-female attraction arena is not happening in a natural way and you certainly point this out in your book. 

I was having some difficulty digesting what you said about feminism and the women's movement, as I have friends and family who are very active and adamant.  One of my very good friends is a Women's Studies major at a local university...

I keep telling her that my perspective hasn't changed but become more balanced and included a larger view of history and culture.  It is unbelievable how pervasive the forced reality is...Needless to say, all of the women and the men too have noticed that my success with attracting women has improved immeasurably

There was this amazingly gorgeous brunette in a bar last weekend and two of my friends went up to talk to her without getting more than four words in before she shut them down.  I walked up and had a casual, friendly chat with her that lasted for
probably an hour.  After that I got her e-mail and will probably be zipping her a message right after I'm done with this one.  My friends were amazed. 

They asked me what I talked about and what I used to open her up.  They just don't get it the poor bastardsI, however, do and it is thanks in large part to you and your amazing work.  Keep up the good work and keep me up to date on what kinds of things you'll have out in the future."

Thomas Heideman


"By the way, so far I am impressed with content of your E book... cretainly up to my expectation! .."

Kevin G.


Send in your own Model Magnet Testimonial & maybe you can win a product or two

I wanted to drop you a line and let you know that your
perspective on male/female relations and the
dating/mating game is right on
. ...


Men being portrayed as bumbling idiots
and Women being portrayed as the stronger, more
intelligent sex. It is really unfortunate for the
average American male because, as you have stated, it
is not biologically "right" - and it is only getting worse.

Again, thanks on a job well done,
you are light years
ahead of the competition
(I tried my hand at learning
PUA techniques but somehow knew they were not quite
the right answer


You have completely changed my thought process on

how I approach and relate to Women
(as well as opened my eyes to the troubles that my
married friends are having with thier independent wives).


after reading your perspective on the game I can immediately tell

that it is the "natural" and "correct" one. I only wish that
I could have had this awakening sooner.

Your satisfied customer,

Matt J.


"this stuff is like a breath of fresh air from fastseduction.com, deangelo,
TD, MM. all that seduction stuff."  -jimi

"Rion, you are da man!  Ha haaa!!!!


"I am so impressed with what I have read so far that I had to write those comments. You are so much on the target, it is scary and realized that I was then able to perhaps look for LOVE, yes I said LOVE, why not?...

..I know you probably are laughing right now thinking what a fool I was, I wish I would have read your book before hand...

She was calling me every other days, spending a lot of her time off with me, so I figure I had nothing to loose to be emotionally open and honest with her (what a mistake!)

Trying to be emotionally honest with this new girlfriend was such a mistake. As your book clearly states it, she stopped calling me immediately and my effort to get an explanation only got me a "I need my space and I am not ready for commitment" It was like black and white over a period off a
couple of hours!.."
                                                           -Philippe Broccard


"I'm enjoying the book's contents and your original take on this big subject of men & women and the analogy from Shark'sTale, etc. It IS big stuff" 

                                         -Mark M.




"I was really getting into your Mens Guide to Women Ebook.
WOW! What a great compilation of knowledge and experience."

                                          -Kevin G.



"Thanks for responding so quickly!  I never expected that kind of service!  Thanks!"



"You have a tremendous spin to the Titanic story, the nobility of the men who did their best and never lost control even at the very end.  They were not sheeple but regal lions determined to die as they lived, nobly... Thanks for the proper spin on the story.

...Like your philosophy, I never could get myself to be a jerk although I saw how that persona worked for others...

I am very military minded.  So I like the part about knowing how to hold yourself under fire. Rehearsing in your head years in advance act of heroism so that you don't get chicken when a situation arises.  Some things I need to remember to teach my son."
                                              -Paul F.



"I've enjoyed reading material of yours that I have seen in various places, including that in recent editions of 'Cliff's List', as well as the free publications that you are using to advertise your book, Mens' Guide to Women.

I like your model, your theory, and your recommendations...

Anyway, I think you have some interesting things to contribute and I look forward to reading your publications. "



J. A. Crane, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychology



"I would like to thank you for the unique material you have put out there. Although I have studied a lot of seduction techniques/inner game for the past 18 months or so,  I have never felt comfortable putting
these methods into practice..

I am a shy guy and always thought that this was the main reason why I messed up in the past.. To make it short I now believe I can be much more comfortable around women who I desire sexually since I now know what they are really attracted to..and thus expect from me..

props go to you to present and graph this out visually in your video presentation..a very very big AHA!! effect. I hope I will be getting more input from your "Men's guide to women" which I have just started to read. Somehow I am very sure of that :)

Thanks again for this breakthrough,"

Best regards


I went and watched the videos and man, now I'm like fully understanding it all and I'm finding myself drawing the graphs in my own mind and fully understanding each part of the graphs!!! Is that weird or what? :)

The videos describes very clearly to me about all three graphs and all the parts of it and how it relates to each other, especially the A.R.M. one which makes it very clearly what a woman is looking for in a man.

Now.. I'm starting to cry a bit with the sheer power of the understanding realized in my own mind.

Now.. I "get it" about the attraction that you have discovered, thanks to the videos!!

..I only watched the videos once and I kinda become one with the information really fast.. The MM book helped in that it layed out the graphs but the videos made it so much clearer.



Send in your own Model Magnet Testimonial & maybe you can win a product or two


"I had a chance to skim your book, and it has me intriguedA lot of books I actually skim and just decide that they are regurgitated info from our site, other methods, etc...


..I was impressed by the global perspective in particular...I'm curious how you came to have this global perspective (I probably missed that while skimming)."


                                -TokyoPUA, FastSeduction.com


"I was able to see the first two videos fully and the content is mind expanding.  Like you said inwardly we know this stuff as guys but due to our culture that stuff has been over written. 

The diagrams made me realize what I have been doing wrong all these years.  I focused too much on the social aspect (which alot of PUA teach) so I can get along with people socially and strike convos.  I also have an amazing persona (worked on that as well) but I was always wondering there was something missing.

So for years I worked on the independent (inner game) and the interdependent (outer game) but I wasn't getting laid with any frequency.  As a matter a fact... there was a 2-3 year span when I didn't get laid at all (and I was working on the inner/outer game).
The content and the charts blew my mind and made me realize the answer to my problems.  I am not congruent enough with the natural part of myself.  Now I feel as though the puzzle is now complete and I can get laid regularly now instead of getting laid once every two months... or going for years without getting any at all.."



"So many guys are missing the 'being natural' with women, pick-up stuff and seduction community is good stuff, but there are greater powers at work here. What you are saying FEELS so very right, to every cell of my body."

-Tom G.



Hey Rion,

I wanted to drop you a line and let you know that your
perspective on male/female relations and the
dating/mating game is right on. 

I have been to a few other countries myself and have
experienced greater sucess with international women as
well.  I have also experienced the different types of
women that we have here in the different parts of the
US (women here in California are quite different to
the more traditional ones in Kentucky, for example).
Throughout my travels I picked up on the fact that
something about the way we related to each other (Men
and Women) here in the U.S. was just not quite right.
The way you lay out the universal/natural paradigm is
absolutely right on.

A little background on me so that you know where I am
coming from - 6'4", 215 lbs., been told on several
occasions that I "should be a model", and am working
towards owning by own business.  Basically I am what
could traditionally be called "a catch".  But my
history with women has been very shaky.  I have had
one night stands with women who I have known for no
more than an hour yet at the same time gone MANY
consectutive months without any women at all.  I
really think I fit well into the mold of what you
would consider your "typical" student.

Another factor I want to mention is just how ingrained
the "forced reality" is into the average American
male's head.  I really find myself having to put forth
my best effort to ignore our society's forced reality
and go back to thinking like a natural (which really
going back to the way I used to think about the
opposite sex before I became programmed by our
cultural norms and realizing I WAS ON THE RIGHT TRACK
WAY BACK THEN).  We are so bombarded with the current
status quo - Men being portrayed as bumbling idiots
and Women being portrayed as the stronger, more
intelligent sex.  It is really unfortunate for the
average American male because, as you have stated, it
is not biologically "right" - and it is only getting
worse.  If you look around you will also notice that
the way that Men and Women relate to each other is
worse than ever before, and this is not to the benefit
of either sex.

Again, thanks on a job well done, you are light years
ahead of the competition (I tried my hand at learning
PUA techniques but somehow knew they were not quite
the right answer).  You have completely changed my
thought process on how I approach and relate to Women

(as well as opened my eyes to the troubles that my
married friends are having with their independent
wives).  My only real problem is that I am working on
changing YEARS worth of bad habits and it can be
difficult at times.  But after reading your
perspective on the game I can immediately tell that it
is the "natural" and "correct" one.  I only wish that
I could have had this awakening sooner.

Your satisfied customer,


If you ever make it out to California (I live in a
medium sized town in Central Cali - Fresno) I would
gladly buy you a beer.

FYI - in case you have never been to Italy here is my

The Northern towns, i.e. Rome, Florence, Milan, etc.
have become very Americanized.  The forced reality
that we know here is seeping it's way into their

The Southern towns, i.e. Naples, Salerno, and
ESPECIALLY anywhere in Sicily (Palermo!), are still
very much "natural" and success with Women there
requires only being you biological natural self.


"Hi, I recently ordered your 'Men's Guide to Women'
ebook and it's absolutely mindblowing."

Brandon D.


hey rion

first of all many thanks for the theory I have learnt from you. Youre 'right on the money' when it comes to women and the importance of nat character and what you say works so thanx.

David J, london Uk



"After I got a night to sleep on watching the video presentation and as I went out with my sister today it all hit me in one big flash of light


Thinking about your model I had the following thinking about my life and why I have not been as successful as I would like...


...Basicly a wuss trys to impress a girl with his persona because that is his strong suit but he is ultamitly hiding behind that because he has nothing else.


A PUA hides behind his lines and pick up routines and techniques.  Once he runs out of material he is lost.  Plus his natural isn't that high... even though higher than the wuss..


What I am hearing you say is that a model magnet doesn't hide behind his persona or hide behind his techniques because they don't matter that much combined any way.


The way a model magnet communicates is through his natural ability..." -DK



Hey Rion,
Love your stuff. Just finished reading, "Mens Guide to women".
I thoroughly enjoyed it.
 Was "Model Magnet"  written after Men's guide? It seems like it's more advanced.
Keep up the good work,



thank you for your integrity. I hope I will enjoy your ebook, I have been studying the "seduction" community for the last couple of years now, my friend got me to listen to a couple David Deangelo CD's and I was intrigued, although I have to say now that it was almost a step backwards as I am more of a natural at these sorts of things, and was even looking into doing some sort of work with the "gurus" as help at a workshop, I've been just buying up all these ebooks as a hobby really, I'm trying to see who the "best is", right now I have to say the guys at "The Approach" dimitri and woodhaven are in the lead ( Have you seen thier website?) 

i'm considering taking their workshop or seeing if i can become another instructor there. Then your ebook came along and caught me off guard as seems to ring truer than almost everything else and its so simple that it is almost unmarketable! (but you did pretty well) haha, curious if you are also considering doing workshops in the future, i would be interested in helping.

Joe M.


Thanks Rion, I got the book and started reading it....hard to put down! Your talk of natural/independent/social character is by far the most exciting theory of attraction I've read since learning that "attraction isn't a choice" by our boy Dave D.
You say that super social skills and techniques are cool but won't get the job done alone. I can attest to that.  Then you went on to say that it's more than INNER GAME, which was VERY DEEP. I feel like I have very good inner game, but I can't see how a 10% increase will change my life. But this "natural" character assessment you describe, could very well be the missing piece of the puzzle... 

Fellippe G.



"...Oh and thanks on your promptness in replying to my email. Not to sound like I am bashing anyone but when ever I had questions on (XXX's) stuff, he either didn't get back to me or one of his associates sent me an email saying thanks for the question... we'll answer it in a newsletter...So I want to commend you on your professionalism. And keep up the excellent work."       -dk


Send in your own Model Magnet Testimonial & maybe you can win a product or two


"The guys were all hanging around and leaning into these two gals tonight I met earlier in the night.  We all met up at the bar where first I was basically ignoring them.  "What's going on".  Both 21 year old hotties, 9's if you want to put a number to it.  Totally classy gurls. 


I would just leave and go talk to other people I knew every once and a while and come back, had one hold my drink for me while I went to the rest room.  Eventually the one gurl and I had somewhat a deep conversation then started hugging me.  Just before closing, she took ahold of my hand and then leaving led ME out of the bar. : ) Seeing girls and other guys watch us leave was a little fun in itself. 


... I am 35.  To top it off another young gurl I know from a restraurant I go to  that I've been interested in was there.  She seemed to be checking out the situation rather curious, lol  X's friend  wanted a kiss seeing her friend kissing me which I darted and kissed her on the cheek instead.  Actually, I think that may have been a test.  B'cause they had a conference in the restroom afterward, lol. 

Not long after that she was with me.  ; ) Let's just say it was a happy ending.  

I have never met and picked up a gurl with so little effort, it's amazing.  I didn't say a whole lot the entire evening.  I feel like a king."

-Mark  (Fearlessness customer)


"Goddammit dude! The effect of reading your ebook and watching the videos is quicker than I thought possible. I'm only halfway through but I feel very different already, I'm having a profound turnaround.

I've been in a goddamn PUSSYTRANCE!!!!

Unlike all the other guru stuff where you have to 'learn then go do', your
materials are more like a paradigm shift, like if someone told you your
father is not your real father - the shift would be instantaneous and there
would be no going back. That's what it is like.

The effect is that my anxiety is dropping out, and I'm also FEELING my inner power - it IS there. It is like the story of the lion who was brought up with lambs (or what ever it was) and so he thought he was a lamb, but now I've been told I'm really a lion.

My first reaction was to be kind of stupefied. Then what I've been doing is
practicing seeing 'through' women's beauty (not having the usual reaction to it), in real life and on TV. I'm finding that this is actually quite easy
and it also feels RIGHT - you can NOT be affected when you know it is just a front (i.e. not REAL). You just look through it.

Then when I was watching TV last night I saw something else (it was music videos or something) - I actually saw that PUSSY is being waved in my face all the time; like TAUNTING ME in the media. I've never seen this before - it was like the reality underneath the images, like when Neo sees the matrix.

I've also had feelings of sadness for myself - or maybe it is closer to say
feelings of CARING for myself. Like "Dude?! What have you been doing to

AND I've been noticing other guys in a pussy trances in the street. I went
to a café before, and I was just in my power - I kept thinking "I'm a lion".
It has made me more internally quiet and peaceful - I naturally take up
space because I don't fear anyone. I also notice I can radiate this power
outwards in my body language, and things happen like I notice girls watch me in my peripheral vision and guys move out of the way and stuff.


I used to notice that when I watched things like Mysteries DVD's I would
become really anxious; I was always thinking "I CAN'T DO ALL THIS! IT'S TOO MUCH TO REMEMBER!!!" Now I think my reaction was more instinctive - like I was actually going "This is somehow all WRONG!"




"Thanks for having the courage and dedication voicing this wisdom out-- it’s starting to sink in...

...Along the way, there have been unfounded 'guaranteed' claims of pseudo-science delving into hypnotism, pheromones, and best pick up lines-- which I was tempted with, yet didn't buy into- but yours is about unrealized or forgotten fundamentals for the common man (or the uncommon knowledge for the common man...modern-day bushido without the katana).

The knowledge you've spelled out..cuts through the layers of excess, and just steals it like diamonds in the mud...if you know what I mean...Yours is cool because it sheds out author's ego and still gets right to the matter. "

-Ben J, Maryland



"I'm feeling something inside of me building up and feels like it's going to explode when I fully understand all this".


my comments: just make sure to use tissue in the bathroom



First off I would like to say that I really admire what you have been
doing with your blogs and ebooks and its given me a greater
understanding of the society we live in.  Also I did a audio
testimonial last night, the wrote one for that contest, I wanted to
make sure that you received it. 




"man i just gotta say thank you for replying to my email (and so quickly as
well), you're the only guy who has ever replied or done anything with an email i have sent, all the other guru's did nothing. It means a lot to me
dude...thank you."             -OT


Send in your own Model Magnet Testimonial & maybe you can win a product or two

"i said I'd write what i thought about the book, but you couldn't really call it a testimonial. it has changed my life and the way i think about women but at the moment I'm concentrating on rebuilding a strong independent life, following a split with a long term partner. how can you go wrong with that advice?
I think mystery has unlocked the secrets  of artificial pick-up and you have with the natural way.  I prefer the natural way.

best regards"

Paul Hewer


"You have gained my resepct, to recieve an actual reply is impressive. I was not insulting your material in any way shape or form. And I still read what you send. The more information the marrier. I guess I was just digging to find the realness of your work, diciffering between the ripped off or copied and the genuine. To actually respond proves that you are genuine. Any way if you are ever out in dublin Ireland give me a shout."



"Hi there.

As an equal, I must say well done for putting the paradigm of a natural into
writing.  First time I've seen this done and explained in this way.

I've always known myself to be a natural man of character and integrity, and
have had some very interesting experiences as I'm sure all naturals do.

Your understanding and representation of the Character Continuum & RMA is
spot on. I'm excited about this and the implications.

Regarding the whole seduction thing, I've always known it is a crock of
shit.  Same as the PUA stuff.

Through the internet I came across some of the `dating advice' like David D.
but there is a lot of stuff he doesn't cover in his materials from what I've
seen (maybe these guys deliberately leave certain stuff out, maybe they're
just not aware of it.)

His newsletters mainly promote C&F technique, and a lot of his stuff gets
repeated because he's striving to sell more of his products. (Not knocking
the guy, that's an observation.) Anyway he does have some areas down.

A few years ago I actually bought his Advanced CD Series (DYD) and it did have
some interesting stuff in it, but if I were to compare it to the Model
Magnet and Character Continuum, DYD would be the intermediate level or
introduction to something much more profound

The CC & RMA tie everything together so easily and simply, it's given me some immediate insight into much more deeper levels of mastery than I've considered before; there's always greater depths to know and understand - that's one of the elements
that make life so exciting.

For interest sake I also looked at some other material available from other
`gurus' but most of it is wrong/unnecessary/BS.

It helps to understand and describe attraction so that one can see where one
gets it and where one's weaknesses are.

I must say your book `model magnet' is the clearest explanation of
attraction for me and has opened my eyes to a whole lot of new possibilities
I'm going to enjoy exploring!

Thanks Rion, and I look forward to investing in all of your products (well
when I can afford to lol).

Best wishes & greetings from South Africa.."


"Well I started reading your books and loading the pod casts. I saw the errors I was making time over time. In fact I took my 1st steps as a man on a night out:

I went out with the lads having a few drinks but this time (I put back in my mind im on the pull) I found myself acting my true self (having a laugh and a few drinks).

Well I saw just watching the other so called men dancing on the dance floor trying to show off and trying to pull. I smiled because I knew they was doing it all wrong then I saw something.

One of the bar girls I say a 8/9 well she was ;P to me so I did the same and she laugh so I went to her to get a drink (keeping in mind im not going to pull just act norm) we got talking and etc well my mates tapped me and said we moving on. well she looked in my eyes and said can I have your number please.

I like to thank you man because for the 1st time a girl ask me for a number ( yes shes a 8/9 but we all got to start some were)

Onwards and upwards"


Louie (man in training)





p.s. I've also got blogs: http://www.modelmagnet.com/blog/

and http://www.mensguidetowomen.com/new_reality_blog/


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