NOTE:  10/11/13  The Only thing that has been updated about this page is the order link (so it works now) and this top note right here.  This is an 'old school' Rion program that I kept kind of 'hidden' and off the market.  Someone bought it in the last 12 hours somehow and it reminded me that, 'You know what? That really is valuable b/c I know what that foundation of conscious competence about natural attraction has brought me in real-world results'. 


Despite my recommendation of newer products, there IS value here that lays a foundation and may reach you well more with where you're at right now.  It was this conscious foundation in addition to Natural Grounding (my other info products) and the experiential stuff of dating women that made all the difference.  Without the conscious awareness of attraction itself you may continue to be confused and it'll take years longer with struggle (like most dating experts who become naturals) instead of a short fast route.  It's the conscious competence WITH the experience that accelerates you.  With that there ARE disclaimers...'I would teach this differently today', etc. etc. and you can replace 'Universal' with her 'feminine' or 'sexual' energy/behavior (that which you see in ie. Natural Grounding women).  You can still enjoy the 90 day money-back guarantee so you can give it a shot and see if it really IS worth it for you without risk.


'Relational Model of Attraction' Sample Clip

-with Rion Williams

More Info Below on the Full Presentation

Here you can find out about how to get access to the full, complete video training (instantly accessible).

Click here to see the first two video clips if you haven't seen them yet


Thank you for viewing the Model Magnet Overview Clips.  Remember the training ended up being a lot more comprehensive than I had planned so I've decided to make the the full program available to you here.


The one in which I have quantified attraction itself.


I couldn't leave anything out of this training so what I ended up with is perhaps my most concise release to date.


More importantly this is the first system to actually (and accurately) show the attraction process between men and women. 


I'm challenging that one of the final remaining mysteries is solved at last and it's worth a lot more than I'm asking of you.


Every man, every woman throughout history (including you and the women you meet) can be plotted on these charts and whether she chooses you or not and WHY she chooses you or not can also be seen in the charts.


Do you have any idea what you can do with that level of knowledge?  It will change your entire (sex) life.


"I was able to see the first two videos fully and the content is mind expanding.  Like you said inwardly we know this stuff as guys but due to our culture that stuff has been over written. 

The diagrams made me realize what I have been doing wrong all these years.  I focused too much on the social aspect (which alot of PUA teach) so I can get along with people socially and strike convos.  I also have an amazing persona (worked on that as well) but I was always wondering there was something missing.

So for years I worked on the independent (inner game) and the interdependent (outer game) but I wasn't getting laid with any frequency.  As a matter a fact... there was a 2-3 year span when I didn't get laid at all (and I was working on the inner/outer game).
The content and the charts blew my mind and made me realize the answer to my problems.  I am not congruent enough with the natural part of myself.  Now I feel as though the puzzle is now complete and I can get laid regularly now instead of getting laid once every two months... or going for years without getting any at all.
I hope the server works so I can view the RMA model.
I will definitly get the Mens Guide.  I know reading that will send my reality into a total make shift change... I will be about to not only live in the Matrix but I will be the owner of the Matrix.
This stuff is awesome dude.  You are genius my friend."


"So many guys are missing the 'being natural' with women, pick-up stuff and seduction community is good stuff, but there are greater powers at work here. What you are saying FEELS so very right, to every cell of my body."

-Tom G.


This is your opportunity to get the definitive picture of the entire game of attraction and love broken down and SOLVED for yourself so you clearly know how to give women what they want.


No more confusion, no more of her social status or drama intervention; just absolute pure favor and power for yourself in success with women.

I'm launching the complete, new:

'Attraction Defined'

Video presentation.

It's well over 2 hours of in-depth comprehensive training on the reality of attraction; broken down scientifically and finally explained.

This isn't theory.  It is the reality that is happening between EVERY interaction of man (PUA or not) and woman at any point in time. 

You and Her. 

EVERY woman you meet or will meet.

I will fully teach you how your character is the stimulus and she is the response and that determines ALL success or failure with (any) women.

I will show YOU how to be what women want by being your DESTINED self and NOT someone else or what they want you to be.

Your independent 'character' or personality is YOU and that's just 1/3 of what matters to women.

If you understand and grasp this (which I make as simple as possible and guide you though the charts), you will save yourself a lifetime of anguish and confusion about women. It's THAT SIMPLE.

You will be able to successfully predict the future and understand why you have only had moderate success in the past and you'll know EXACTLY why.

And it's NOT about having a fancy car or throwing money and gifts at her.

No one in the industry comes close (and I keep an eye on everything) to this level of breakthrough.  It is so advanced in fact that I think someday they'll be inviting me to teach this at top Universities even.

Other experts talk about vague ideas and sometimes characteristics but not a single one has TRULY broken the code of attraction and
written it down so that it scientifically, socially, and biologically fits ALL of the pieces of REALITY (and independent variation) together.

You will finally see and know what women want.  You will know why they will choose to sleep with you, give you a chance or reject you outright.  And hint: it's NOT based on your looks.

You can go at things the hard way and keep blindly working on what other experts tell you to or you can 'see' the reality of attraction and know SPECIFICALLY (with a little reflection) what areas you have to work on 'in the charts'.

Yes, 'opener's' and connections are extremely important and social dominance or stereotyping can make you cool but for a small price you'll see how it all fits into your reality (and everyone else's) so you can choose your power for yourself

This training is not just for the theory buffs out there..more importantly it's for the guys who want the absolute most APPLICABLE power with women and in their own life - PERIOD.  If you can't be comfortable with having a TREMENDOUS amount of knowledge and self-satisfying power in your life then you won't want this.

You won't be able to handle it.  It's too deep.  Too profound.  To truly life-changing.  Your path will become clear.

It's really just an element of your entire lifestyle or balanced 'game' but perhaps the SINGLE most important one.

If you want to go at things the hard way by not understanding the real 'game' of attraction, then go ahead; try and figure everything out and why women aren't responding to you.

It will cost you a LOT of time, money, rejection, self-doubt and pain.  LIBERATE ALL THAT B.S. TODAY.

This is the puzzle box cover to the puzzle of attraction.

The good news (for women) is, it's not about you 'taking' (because you'll learn from the highest purity of game), but it's about giving women what they have been wanting all along.

The beauty of it is that you can become this man so you can GET
the higher quality of woman you deserve and more important than
you falling for her is having her FALL for you. 

And it DOES NOT matter how you look or your current social status (as I'll show you where those stand in what matters).

If you keep doing what you've been doing you're leaving things up to chance and variable success.  Do you really want to 'chance' your success with women or do you want it broken down to an exact science that is catered specifically to you?

I predict it will save years of learning on your end.

I went and watched the videos and man, now I'm like fully understanding it all and I'm finding myself drawing the graphs in my own mind and fully understanding each part of the graphs!!! Is that weird or what? :)

The videos describes very clearly to me about all three graphs and all the parts of it and how it relates to each other, especially the A.R.M. one which makes it very clearly what a woman is looking for in a man.

Now.. I'm starting to cry a bit with the sheer power of the understanding realized in my own mind.

Now.. I "get it" about the attraction that you have discovered, thanks to the videos!!

..I only watched the videos once and I kinda become one with the information really fast.. The MM book helped in that it layed out the graphs but the videos made it so much clearer.

                                                       -Jon. Phoenix, AZ


"I would like to thank you for the unique material you have put out there. Although I have studied a lot of seduction techniques/inner game for the past 18 months or so,  I have never felt comfortable putting
these methods into practice..

I am a shy guy and always thought that this was the main reason why I messed up in the past.. To make it short I now believe I can be much more comfortable around women who I desire sexually since I now know what they are really attracted to..and thus expect from me..

props go to you to present and graph this out visually in your video presentation..a very very big AHA!! effect. I hope I will be getting more input from your "Men's guide to women" which I have just started to read. Somehow I am very sure of that :)

Thanks again for this breakthrough,"

Best regards


And it's ALL in the charts; EVERY single interaction between every successful man, every moderate man and every unsuccessful man with women.

I guarantee these videos will take your 'game' to a higher level even if you're already a top level 'player' or 'ladies man'.  You will clearly see what you've been doing right and what you've been doing wrong.

The results of applying this knowledge?  This may include a lot of sex but also maybe something more important; eventually love itself and finding a keeper if that's what you want.

Most importantly you will become the man that women desire if you take this training and accept/apply it into your life.  Year round.  Daily.  Everywhere you go you will notice that women are now INTERESTED in you and I show you exactly why.

You see, the game's EASY when you're not fighting against the energy of her social status and lack of favor.

I have guys emailing now saying they're starting to 'get it' and see where seduction fits into the bigger scope of things and why it's so variable; it's on the social end of things as in the charts.

You see a woman will have a different response to you (and every man).  Why?  Because YOU are the stimulus and SHE is the response.

So if you have a high independent character she may view you as a potential friend but isn't interested in you sexually or romantically if you have low natural character.

If you come at her with a high social character, she'll view you as a pick up artist, money machine OR as an answer to her social desires of being a gold-digger, socialite or catching you for her Cinderella desires of delaying sex to get you for marriage; all based off of YOUR (social) character...(more in the videos)

YOU are the model of attraction for women
and this training will get you back into the reality of nature and WHO women choose.  You will see what you have to do to become that man yourself.

Just because you're interested in sex with hot beautiful women doesn't mean they are with you but I will show you when and with who (soon to be you) they ARE interested in as an equal equivalent of your desires.

Hey, women want sex too (and bad) they just have to be more selective about who they choose.

Becoming this man through understanding the entire game and
reality of attraction, clearly, concisely, and mapped out in front
of your very eyes will allow you to have the greatest 'AHA' in your
life.  If it doesn't hit you then you have to go over it again.

"Cheers dude. I just paid to watch your videos online (watched the first already) and am getting your ebook now. I'm gonna cram this so fast - I WILL master this, you just watch me. I see where everything I've learned so far fits in context and I've been working at the wrong end!!! It all makes perfect total sense. I plotted myself on the chart..

So my universal/natural is f*cked, I feel internally weak and fragile and flustered by society (it's like I'm dazzled by all the flashing lights and Aphrodites, you know?) - my independence (my life) and my style rock; I'm shy around strangers (especially women) but then once I know them they totally love me. What this all means is the following:

I DO NOT GET LAID and always end up in the friends zone, yet the girls who are my friends ask me "Why don't you have a girlfriend? You are SUCH an amazing guy! You're funny, you're life is totally together, you're successful. I don't get it...."

Ok I'll hopefully be able to email you again...and tell you I'm mastering this stuff.

Thanks again!"                       -Simon, Australia.


"Goddammit dude! The effect of reading your ebook and watching the videos is quicker than I thought possible. I'm only halfway through but I feel very different already, I'm having a profound turnaround.

I've been in a goddamn PUSSYTRANCE!!!!

Unlike all the other guru stuff where you have to 'learn then go do',
your materials are more like a paradigm shift, like if someone told you your father is not your real father - the shift would be instantaneous and there would be no going back. That's what it is like.

The effect is that
my anxiety is dropping out, and I'm also FEELING my inner power - it IS there. It is like the story of the lion who was brought up with lambs (or what ever it was) and so he thought he was a lamb, but now I've been told I'm really a lion.

My first reaction was to be kind of stupefied. Then what I've been doing is practicing seeing 'through' women's beauty (not having the usual reaction to it), in real life and on TV. I'm finding that this is actually quite easy and it also feels RIGHT - you can NOT be affected when you know it is just a front (i.e. not REAL). You just look through it.

Then when I was watching TV last night I saw something else (it was music videos or something) - I actually saw that PUSSY is being waved in my face all the time; like TAUNTING ME in the media. I've never seen this before - it was like the reality underneath the images, like when Neo sees the matrix.

I've also had feelings of sadness for myself - or maybe it is closer to say feelings of CARING for myself. Like "Dude?! What have you been doing to yourself?"

AND I've been noticing other guys in a pussy trances in the street. I went to a café before, and I was just in my power - I kept thinking "I'm a lion". It has made me more internally quiet and peaceful - I naturally take up space because I don't fear anyone. I also notice I can radiate this power
outwards in my body language, and things happen like I notice girls watch me in my peripheral vision and guys move out of the way and stuff.


I used to notice that when I watched things like Mysteries DVD's I would become really anxious; I was always thinking "I CAN'T DO ALL THIS! IT'S TOO MUCH TO REMEMBER!!!" Now I think my reaction was more instinctive - like I was actually going "This is somehow all WRONG!"



Take your understanding of the game to a level beyond many experts (who DON'T know this) with this simply profound and historical 'Attraction Defined' video presentation.

"The information that you fathomed is one of the biggest truths for men and their liberation, so keep spreading the word."

-J.b. germany

It's BRAND NEW and broken down into three parts which I go into depth on teaching:

Male Character Continuum  -60 Minutes
Female Attraction Response Model (F.A.R.M.)    -40 Minutes
and the
Relational Model of Attraction (R.M.A.)    - 63 Minutes

The information is worth lifetime's worth of knowledge from the
greatest experts because NO ONE (including Freud) has figured it out until now and I dare you to prove me wrong. 

I should charge several hundred dollars for it and someday I might because if you 'get it' it WILL be worth MUCH MORE than that to you I promise.

It is that good and I want you to see for yourself but most importantly to take this clarity of knowledge and apply it to your own life.

The sample clips were just a small percentage of the 2:43 hours of video training which you will have instant access to.

And because I believe in this training (it really ought to revolutionize the entire industry) I guarantee 100% that you will love it or your money back.

"I must say well done for putting the paradigm of a natural into writing.  First time I've seen this done and explained in this way.

I've always known myself to be a natural man of character and integrity, and have had some very interesting experiences as I'm sure all naturals do.

Your understanding and representation of the Character Continuum & RMA is spot on. I'm excited about this and the implications.

Regarding the whole seduction thing, I've always known it is a crock of sh*t.  Same as the PUA stuff....

...A few years ago I actually bought his Advanced CD Series (DYD) and it did have some interesting stuff in it, but if I were to compare it to the Model Magnet and Character Continuum, DYD would be the intermediate level or introduction to something much more profound.

The CC & RMA tie everything together so easily and simply, it's given me some immediate insight into much more deeper levels of mastery than I've considered before; there's always greater depths to know and understand - that's one of the elements that make life so exciting.

For interest sake I also looked at some other material available from other
`gurus' but most of it is wrong/ unnecessary/BS.

It helps to understand and describe attraction so that one can see where one gets it and where one's weaknesses are."

-Philip.  South Africa

This is
"Attraction Defined" and the power is waiting for you because once you understand, your entire reality will change and beging to enter back into natural alignment.

What has it done for me?  I can't even begin to say other than I can see right through all women and straight to the part of them that I know I can please sexually because I am the man that they desire (greater than my own personality) and they are finally knowing it and showing it everywhere I go.

"After I got a night to sleep on watching the video presentation and as I went out with my sister today it all hit me in one big flash of light


Thinking about your model I had the following thinking about my life and why I have not been as successful as I would like...


...Basicly a wuss trys to impress a girl with his persona because that is his strong suit but he is ultamitly hiding behind that because he has nothing else.


A PUA hides behind his lines and pick up routines and techniques.  Once he runs out of material he is lost.  Plus his natural isn't that high... even though higher than the wuss..


What I am hearing you say is that a model magnet doesn't hide behind his persona or hide behind his techniques because they don't matter that much combined any way.


The way a model magnet communicates is through his natural ability..." -DK

You can have the power most importantly to finally be your destined self around women as that's what they want.  Women want things to happen naturally and will HELP you 'pick them up' when you are already aligned to the characteristics they want.

And when you truly become the man that I will show you clearly that you can be (your more powerful self), your success will be quite predictable and consistent. 

Although it's 'all in the charts', this isn't the 'end all and be all' that you will have to know about success with women (because you'll still have to actually MAKE the connections with women most of the time) but it will fast forward you to a higher level of lifestyle reality faster than anything else out there.

But once you understand this piece of the puzzle (which is really most important) everything in your life and plans with women will start to mesh together properly.  And combined with my other training programs (or those from other guys) on fearlessness and approaching, you'll really be ahead of the power curve.

But not matter what; it's all in the charts...every interaction with women...all success and all failure.

I want to help pull it all together for you right now...

So without further ado, I want you to take a look for yourself.  You can access the videos instantly after you pay via paypal below.  You can order anytime of the day or night from anywhere in the world.

They are on flash video online and you can view them any amount of times you would like.  If requested I can even give you download instructions to view them on your computer as well.



-Character Continuum

-Female Attraction Response Model

-Relational Model of Attraction


Online video presentation from Rion Williams 'the sage'

Now: Unlimited Viewing

Instant Access. Only $47

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I will give you a 90 day 100% money back guarantee.

If these videos don't rock your reality just let me know for a full refund


You will receive instant access to the three consecutive "Attraction Defined" videos when you pay through paypal.


Let me know how it goes if you join!  Join the other guys who are having tremendously priceless breakthroughs.




Rion Williams

'the sage'

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