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Model Magnet Philosophy: Intro
Why itís in your best interest
First Impression: How Women See
Sheís as Tough as a SGM: Extrapolation

Do Men Extrapolate & Judge Women?
Itís More Than Looks



Character Continuum: Overview

Why Character Matters
The Average PUA: Charted
The Wussboy: Charted
The Natural/Universal Effectiveness

Her Attraction/Response

The F.A.R.M.

The Relational Model of Attraction

Why are Women Attracted to Bad Boys?
The Relational Model: Manís Perspective

Success Prevention Analogy
How a Man Fails / Keeping Magnetism
True Colors & Men who Succeed
Maintaining Your Independence..
Deeper into the Character Reality
Extrapolate This! & Your Image

Is all of this worth it?
Pre-Teen Girls: Judges of Character
Boy Band Attraction Phenomenon
PUA & the Bigger Picture
The Path Less Taken
Model Magnet Philosophy: Summary
The Model Magnet Training System
Additional Diagrams/ Appendix


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