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-Rion Williams 'the sage'


"I just like to say I am reading your (free) Ebook Model Magnet now wow. And...well it leaves me in shock kind of stunned. I've been this good looking guy getting no chicks. I have this, I have that, but NO. And now I know why. -Alfredo


Ever notice how women go for men who just aren't afraid to be themselves?  You're not a superstar and you're closer to average?.. it DOESN'T matter:


it's NOT your independent personality and it's quirks, inner game, OR your social status/character that matters in the real game of attraction and who she chooses to sleep or be with...


I'm going to question you and I want you to open your mind:


What if everywhere you went, women would suddenly 'notice' you and show undeniable interest when they really never did before?


What if you could have consistent success with women and attraction without having to memorize techniques or pick up lines?  Let's go deeper..


What if you ALREADY knew everything you needed to know about attraction, sexual communication and taking women through to sex but it was just completely repressed?


What if women were BORN to notice certain characteristics and that's why they've vastly ignored you so far? 


What if you aren't actually being your full, true self in the first place and you just can't see who you would be if you weren't being repressed by a power so strong your whole life?


What if you (and all male species) were actually BORN to be the model of attraction for females to respond to but 'something BIG' got in the way of that happening and it completely blinded countless millions of men to the fact of it's very existence and it consequently affected every interaction with desirable women?


Maybe what society has taught you so far, has repressed your true power and identity your entire life and it's thrown off your natural ability to attract women; a gift you were born with. 


Maybe you've been responding to women (verbally and nonverbally) instead of letting them respond to YOU (and your TRUE character). 


I mean they are more fascinating, capable and beautiful than ever before in history and you feel you'd do 'anything' for them...but there's something HUGE that is working against you no matter how hard you try.


If you just want the pick-up lines and cool techniques then I'm telling you; you're going to continue to operate out of the wrong paradigm in the first place and your success will never be consistent.

"Rion taught me how to defeat and use the social matrix to my advantage. Rion's seminar and products have been nothing short of mind-blowing"

-Blincubus, Dallas, TX

"I kissed a girl and we talked to quite a few people...../Suggestions?
Triple Your Dating    or    Dating Magnet    or    Sex Magnet    :P....
By the way, have 2 girlfriends now. One from ____ one from ____, and 3 in the queue to call in Barcelona, if I don't count the 2 from Madrid yesterday.

They'll have to wait....Things are going great. What I've read from you and the seminar made me save a couple of years of struggling :P Oh, I should send you some pictures from barcelona." 

-Etienne, Barcelona - Seminar Attendee & Personal Consulting Student


About ALL other seduction and dating experts (and I keep an eye on about everything) operate in the new male response paradigm as a byproduct of the 'social matrix' where beautiful women have the power and are the prize socially. 


The S.O.N.A.R. is the only system that differentiates itself from our 100% pervasive social matrix and connects you to your true, pure power as a man to attract women like a magnet by actually becoming more empowered in your own right as a man and understanding your relation to this confusing world. 

And the ebook is currently free but it's value is immeasurable.  Why free right now?  Because I want to educate you to start a new movement here so that you can spread the word along to other guys.

It's one that is much more consistently effective than seduction because it is the only science that explains attraction itself and explains why those that are successful are successful in all cases.


Do you want to see the matrix and the lie that you've been living without knowing it?  You can study all of the other materials out there and you'll still be limiting yourself because all of them are influenced by an unnatural response solution.


There's a few guru's (that's it and I can name names) that have gotten closer to this reality and what they teach works, but it's still limited because that haven't differentiated themselves from the main problem in the first place..they've found 'techniques' that work and not the real science from which all effective action flows.


If you want to MASSIVELY increase your success with women it ALL comes down to who you are (as a man) and how you communicate with women. 

Just become that man and you will be at a level where you don't even have to speak to women you've just met to start kissing them.  There won't be any struggles of how to approach her or what to say. 

No lonely nights wrought with frustration and no more years of suffering and confusion. 

The great news is, is that you don't have to become someone you're not (like developing a 'pick-up persona'), you just have to understand some things including the actual process of attraction itself and what she responds to in you and then you can live the life of your dreams.

You see, Women are looking for certain 'characteristics' in a man (she 'don't know You' when she first sees you) and if you have certain traits (despite your looks, etc.) you will be miles ahead (of what many guru's teach) and success will be a shoo-in consistently.

Women are judging you INSTANTLY to see whether you qualify to meet their expectational/ideal (of her 3 part response) or not and their intuition serves them well.  If you've ever been on the bad side of her judgment, it's time to change that.


They WANT YOU to just BE the man you're supposed to be despite all of her own beauty and social status/power.  Inner game is not enough...in fact your personality is what matters least in initial attraction.


And talking her into something (to get her into bed) when she's not interested in you (because you weren't up to par) in the first place is only a variable battle at BEST.


She is reading what I call your 'character'.  Your character is the stimulus and she is the response.  And how she responds to your character (and what you represent) determines your success or failure.


It's time to put a favor on your side that is greater than the limits of your (or any man's) own individual personality...it's time for a greater level of game.  And it's NOT ABOUT YOUR LOOKS or Money.


Wouldn't you rather 'be' a man that attracts women and when you do approach it's so easy to meet success? 


I sometimes refer to this as being an 'uber-player'; you're so good, it's invisible and you take women blindingly where they want to go anyways because you were already qualified to give her what she wants.


I will show you this.  The most powerful of all 'seduction' that is within reach of most men because it is the ancient path...now you can just exercise the mating dance an unlimited number of times without having to marry each girl b/c it's socially OK'ed.


"The information that you fathomed is one of the biggest truths for men and their liberation, so keep spreading the word.

What is more, we still have to find another dating and relationship guru ..that shares the basis of his theories for free."  -J.B. germany


"..she looked in my eyes and said can I have your number please...I like to thank you man because for the 1st time a girl ask me for a number"

-Louie (man in training)

All success with women and those men that ARE successful with them (including me) boils down to the breakthrough 'Model Magnet' system of attraction I have recently developed after much ado.

I'm going to introduce you right now to what I call the 'character continuum'.  It defines WHO and WHERE you are when it comes to attraction.  This is the data that women will judge you off of. 

If you're looking for pick up lines right now (you know who you are), then you'd better read this the most of anyone because I'll show you why your success has been variable and what you can do to greatly improve your close ratio.  So let me get into some of the info here..

Desirable women are world-class at picking up the smallest details and then making intuitively using that data to make sound decisions and opinions about whether they're going to shut you out cold before you even approach, give you a chance to prove yourself or confirm that you really are the guy that could sweep her off her feet.

You are ALWAYS communicating whether you know it or not.  It's time to become the man that gives women the automatic signals (stimulus) so that she can respond in a way which has you in favor, interest and massive attraction INSTEAD OF her preventing anything from happening in the first place (where you'd have to 'talk her into it' or somehow get past her guards).

You can reach a level where women approach you ALL of the time, are giving you massive 'go' signals and competing over you based on these universal truths that I cover.

Everything that I will be explaining is happening whether you choose to accept it or not.  You can either align yourself to it or (now) remain ignorant to the truth; it will be your choice but I want to give you the power of favor and advantage.  I wouldn't call it the truth if it really wasn't.

Your 'character' is a representation of every that matters to her (and matters to you in your entire life actually) and has three main components. 

They are the Universal/Natural, Independent/Inner, and Interdependent/Social.  They exist in every man at some level and can be represented on a graph.  This has everything to do with whether you succeed or not with women.

So here is the basic 'character continuum' which represents where you are in all of the data that she is extrapolating off of you from the first second she sees you and through her entire communication or relationship with you.  It is a representation of who you really are.


You can now see the three separate areas with some details in there.  The wavy line (which I just drew in but can actually be explained...) through the middle is representative of a man who has been brought up in a confusing society but has had some decent success with women.

He's still not in touch with 'why' he doesn't succeed at the level he should though, living in a confusing society where women have so much favor and power. 

He's quite independent and has his own things going on but is very reserved and shy when it comes to representing his true inner self to others (because he is low on the initial social level.  However when he 'does' make connections (as is inevitable) he is a very agreeable guy and gets along well with people who he knows.

But just to show you, that's a preview to the character continuum which I will be teaching you more about (for free). 

I can't cover it all on this page, so fortunately I have decided at the end of this mini-lesson to give you an absolutely free download of my entire Model Magnet Breakthrough Philosophy in a 158 page PDF eBook ($39 RETAIL value); yours absolutely free.

Why is it free?  For one reason...I want to start a buzz; I want to get people talking after I educate them on what I believe is the single greatest breakthrough in dating dynamics EVER

Feel free to pass along the ebook to your buddies.  It's copyright protected but you can freely distribute it to everyone you know who wants further success in getting women or approaching women.

But first, let's continue through this mini-lesson to give you more of a taste.  I'll tell you; EVERYTHING is at stake.  I've realized on paper (furthermore in the free ebook you can instantly download) the first actual DIAGRAM of attraction and how it works between men and women; in plain daylight.

Yes, I have basically cracked the code on why women choose one man over another and it's glaringly OBVIOUS.  Other experts may claim this but I am the only one and first one to actually PROVE IT

And once YOU can understand what irrevocably turns women on and the attributes they always go for (a big difference between sex and no sex), the puzzle will start to piece together.

I call this the Relational Model of Attraction and the 'character continuum' is the male half of it.  In the eBook I'll also show you WHO she is attracted to and why as well as how you can understandably and capably become this man who can have a level of success well above the average seducer and light years ahead of the wussboy.

If you want to break a hot woman's defenses, it's best to understand what is actually happening in the first place.  Then you can see where you're at on the chart and look at the most effective men in the world and see where they're at (for example).

Ok, so let me just get to the readout of the average PUA or pick-up artist.

the average PUA:

Notice the spike at the interdependent or social end of the scale.  This means that the average PUA is highly effective at 'being' social and approaching or making connections with women. 

In fact, sometimes this becomes his entire character (note the level of universal understanding and pure independence are MUCH lower).  He becomes defined by what he does (pick-up) and it takes up most of his time. 

He is often obsessed with it especially because it doesn't work all of the time but once in a while he gets that las vegas token to keep him going because the potential payout is so huge.

Consequently this character trait is not attractive to most women unless you have become one of the stellar few as I'll show you later.

Of course it can lead to success some of the time and yes I'm sure it's worked for you.  But if you're really any good at PUA how long did it take you to get to that point?

Anyone can learn how to get good at jumping on a pogo stick after sometime and then defend himself by saying that this is his reality; it 'works' for him.  He knows how to jump on the pogo stick really well even though a took a while to learn.

He may become so selectively focused on the task at hand that anything else that seems to 'new' might even be ridiculed because it's challenging his entire current (limited) belief system and reality.

If you start to notice...there are some other points on the continuum that come before the social/interdependent portion.  Yes, the PUA is low in those other areas.

Consequently these are the areas that matter the most when it comes to a woman and her positive response to you as you can see in this graph.

Model Magnet philosophy is to teach guys to grow and balance out all three areas to have maximum success with women and will attract them irrevocably without question in social situations. 

Any PUA lines or techniques known before only act like WILDFIRE when used by a man on top of the natural paradigm (instead of the seduction byproduct of the 'forced reality') and who is massively comfortable in his own skin (truly being himself and not a socially derived or inspired character).

Hopefully this is starting to awaken some possibility for you to breakthrough to another level or reality completely. 

You could keep beating your head against a wall for a long time doing things that you become aware of that are the least of what really matters or you can embrace and consider a more encompassing philosophy and approach. 

A system that showcases and defines attraction itself and holds your true power and success.  So now let's take a look at another byproduct of our 'forced (social) reality' phenomenon:

The Wussboy:

Unfortunately, this guy is not doing well on the continuum, hence neither with women. 

Note that the AFC rises a little in the middle because although he is completely confused about society and where his place as a man fits (and also can't interact socially because he'll screw it up with women) at least has somewhat of a life going on for himself.

Because his level or 'game' is so low across the board, when he does interact he gets treated even as 'nice guy' (with no chance with her) a drooling creep or just gets flat-out rejected.

Not to mention 99% of the time he starts off from the outdated courtship approach anyways which makes her want to run even further (an insecure guy who is showing he wants her for the long-term even though he wants her for short-term); it's just all around 'ewwww...' for women.

He has nothing to offer a woman even if he is a great catch because he isn't giving her ANYTHING to extrapolate.  Plus he's so damn nervous and confused around her.  He'd do anything just to touch her that he'd completely blow it (like a Jimbo with Nadia in 'American Pie').

He is the opposite of what a woman is looking for (partly because he is acting more like a traditional woman). 

She cannot possibly be attracted to a 'nice guy' physically or biologically (note the flat score b/c of his unnatural behavior) because she can't trust him to be a man and lead her through the process of attraction that is only done by high character men or those that are in touch with their masculine energy.

Fortunately there is hope for all of these men or any that are just underpar or haven't been re-taught the universal truth yet.  Society has most of the blame to take for covering up the natural/universal truth within each of us but each man must be accountable for himself and his lifestyle.

He can continue on with lackluster success or really dig in and understand WHY and become that man that is always naturally successful with women everywhere he goes.

It's possible for all men to get to this level.  Even 40 year old virgins.

When it comes to attraction, the most important is on the left and then moves to the right.  She is born to know how to procreate and respond to a man who can 'behaviorally' provide and protect for her. 

This force is timeless and powerful.  It is the reason we are here and it is within every woman beneath all of the social garbage that sometimes clouds it up.  This is why they are more repressed than ever (amongst other things I teach).

She's not looking for YOU (despite how awesome you think or know you are), she's programmed to look for a man who meets 'the criteria'...primarily who understands natural attraction (you can be that man). 

And because it's so rare today, she'll often 'settle' for the closest thing there is (often high natural/universal character guys with unhealthy independent attributes).

This is much more important than pick up lines so I hope you're paying attention.  If you have the qualities; basically and awareness and then an acceptance of the universal knowledge of being a man and your relation to attraction and everything else and choose to embrace this, that may be all you have to do to attract women to you. 

However increasing the other areas are also important and will further help her choose to be with you (often immediately).

Today there are social desires as well but she desires a high character/status male which connects to the entire balance of the character continuum because he can provide and protect her and has natural favor and selection.  His looks aren't all that important.

If you don't have high social status, as long as you have and embrace your universal right as a man, you will be most of the way towards being able to attract countless desirable women. 

It's an undeniable quality that rarely a healthy man portrays today.  Those that do are the men that women literally fight over:

When a man understands his place as a man in society, history and in relation to women (Universal) and fully becomes independent and fearless, he can then make connections with any available women and accelerate the process in the favor of both of them if she responds to his lead.

This is a shortcut to sex because the awareness and natural paradigm of attraction are evident and easily picked up by women. 

There is no dependency on technique or pick-up line but rather his independence and connection to the natural paradigm of attraction and nonverbal communication gives him instant favor and advantage over other men with women.


Because other men are lower on the continuum; they have low character value or congruency so women aren't interested even if he has good looks.  Other men are confused and disparate because they are not connected to a true universal understanding of their place as a man. 

Despite even having 'inner game' work they are still limited from their real power by connecting to the 'outer universal' game.  That is where it starts. 

You are limited as a man in your personality alone to attract women (it may work sometimes, other times not) but if you can bring universal qualities and attributes into your life (respectfully), your POWER will grow much stronger.

Normally it doesn't have to be taught because we are born with this but unfortunately the universal/natural paradigm has been covered up by a superficial reality so it has to be relearned and re-connected to by men if they are to regain the favor our forefathers and archetypal males have with women and attraction.

It's that simple.  Plus you either have it or you don't.  Women KNOW.

Inner game alone is not enough.  Once a man understands the universal macro dynamics and his place in the world (first), he can internalize that while connecting to it's powerful leverage to make him a stronger, more empowered man.

He can then really work on who he is, knowing that it's ok to truly be himself and fearless of women (this is also taught and can be achieved) and let his 'true colors' shine through instead of trying to be someone he's not. 

He can be a highly desirable man of character that women respond to and WANT to be connected with so deeply.

Where a man stands on the continuum will show whether or not he is being his true self or not (we were all born as equals to have power). 

Nice guys who say they 'don't want to be someone they are not' is ridiculous.  They're not even being themselves because they haven't increased their own internal independence and they're not being congruent with who they really are around women.  They're just being repressed is what they're doing.

Why are they so limited and not being their true selves?

Because the left side of the continuum is next to nothing.  This is the default emergency state in our society today and is a main reason why we have such a divergence and massive frustration...ie. 40 year old virgins. 

It is UNNATURAL and if we were all like this, we'd die out soon because it's slapping nature in the face and women are wondering 'where ARE all the real men'. 

In their mind (the healthier desirable ones), they're just being themselves.  There's nothing to be afraid of but men are low on the natural/universal chart because they don't understand it.  Just an awareness alone will lead to empowerment.

Outcasts, bad boys, jerks and chauvinists are some of the rare men that are left over who have a high natural/universal behavior level (even if not understanding it intellectually). 

These are the men that our women are attracted to physiologically the most and keep running back to illogically.  This is the part 'they can't explain'. 

Attraction isn't (emotionally) logical, nor does it have to be.  Actually I just had another breakthrough; it IS logical now because of my being the first one to graph it out.  Women will respond based on (what is represented in) the Relational Model of Attraction.

Your high universal/natural + your solid independence  = 'there's just something about him'.  It's your high character status where it counts.  She can't explain it; she doesn't want to.  This is for men to understand and reconnect with so that they can LEAD women into feeling the respectful feelings that he can give her.

Don't you love how I randomly replace all my pronouns?

And you're the one operating in the natural paradigm of attraction (YOU have to know it and lead her); it's the essence of life and our propagation as a race; women are pre-wired to respond to men like this to ensure that our race continues but this is now being threatened.

Almost all men have lost touch with this natural paradigm because of our confusing and often opposite culturally pervasive 'forced reality' that has occurred on top of it.

I had a chance to skim your book, and it has me intriguedA lot of books I actually skim and just decide that they are regurgitated info from our site, other methods, etc...


..I was impressed by the global perspective in particular...I'm curious how you came to have this global perspective (I probably missed that while skimming).


                          -TokyoPUA, FastSeduction.com


"Even though I haven't read the whole thing, the thing I like about what I have read about Model Magnet is that it is chalk full of philosophy and thoery...


I studied (name withhelds) stuff and while that stuff works, his stuff has "attracted" the kind of girls I don't want. Your stuff looks as though it might "attract" the kind of women I do want


Your offer a fresh perspective my friend, keep up the good work."

                                               -Dante K.


"I like the stuff you wrote in that overview...

I also agree that all this PUA stuff can easily get out of hand and it isn't very natural"      -Pete

But by getting back in touch with your own natural/universal character, you will have the ability and leverage to have more success than ever before. 

People like Tommy Lee, they're peaked out on the natural/universal (as well as the rest of the chart) and are congruent and solid in WHO they are as a person. 

The character readout of the man above is a man who (despite his looks) basically makes women start to melt and scream for him on the inside (she still has a teenage boy band fan inside of her). 

Do you think hooking up with her when she's been waiting for this guy in forever and can hardly control her inner self is going to be easy or difficult?  Do you think it will matter what this guy even says to her?  This isn't a trick question.

In the ebook I'll show you how she responds to this guy in the Relational Model of Attraction. 

It's not as difficult to achieve this level (sign up for the free mailing list) but you have to start on the left side of the continuum and move to the right side and NOT THE REVERSE (sorry if you're a PUA or a line junky, but it's just hard to spark attraction from the social and then try to move it towards the natural b/c she's not interested in you in the first place).

You might want to re-read that last paragraph and let it sink in.

Fortunately any man (and that's who this is for) can share in the natural/universal who chooses to re-connect with it (because otherwise you WON'T b/c of how you were brought up in the 'forced reality').

You don't have to BE LIKE a certain pick-up artist that is your star.  You just have to be YOU with a higher character value.  Sure you can borrow certain attributes that influence your own independence but it's all about YOU and your character.

Women are supposed to be attracted to YOU.  It's YOU who has to change...they're already looking so HOT and just WAITING.

Women CAN'T go with a guy of low character just as much as you can't go with a fat ugly chick.


Ok, if you took one for the team once (or it's some weird fetish) that is an exception and also about how often she'd go with a man of low character. 


If you haven't been getting laid then maybe you need a dose of reality about where you stand on the character continuum. 


Hey, at least be man enough to be honest about where you're at; it's the only way you can make breakthrough change (plus it's not all your fault anyways).


But that instant response you get when you see a woman and 'know' that you'd never want her, it's the same for women if a man has extremely low character.  And the likewise is also true.


Picture the hottest, most sexy, desirable woman you can think of.  Ok, that's what you want.  Now, the other side is what she wants right?  For a woman she wants a man of ideally that level of character strength who is secure in who he is (once again where looks aren't as important to women as it is for men).


And that's a match whether he's handsome or not.  You have to bring something to the table if you expect to sleep with this level of woman.


Plus, the only men who do 'sleep with' this level of women ARE men of high character (/even if it's a jerk who is strong in natural and independent value but has misaligned personal values he is still leveraging off of his natural ability). 


In the ebook I further explain the difference between what most people define as character and how we use it here.


In a social environment, a woman will be extrapolating and judging everything about your character to see if you are a match.  She'll be interested if you are (high character).


She's good at what she does and her intuition is very accurate, don't insult her intelligence, just become the man that she wants in the first place instead of having to try and "hurry up and score before they notice" as Beavis says.


And if you break a few hearts along the way (I don't endorse

this), hey...it's been happening the other way around hasn't it?

I will show in the Relational Model of Attraction (in the ebook) why women will respond and how they'll respond differently to different men.

When you have a high character value across the chart you'll find that going up to women, whispering something in their ear and then kissing them is actually easier than dealing with 'what to say', etc.

Of course when you reach that level anyways, you could say anything and it doesn't matter.  You see, it's all about having the high character that women desire and respond to.  It's in who you are, what you represent, how you behave, and lessly what you say that will determine their level of response to you.

You can trigger those deep-seeded desires by being the character of a man she desires (not just in your own independent character / personality) but by really understanding what I will be teaching in the Model Magnet system and then living it..being that man that is YOU personified.

THAT is how you can multiply your success with desirable, sexy, intelligent (optional) women; by being a man of higher character.

I know you haven't heard this before because even I haven't from anyone else; I pulled it all together with my thundercat powers.

I've already changed my life.  I want to help you change yours in the direction of where you want to go.  And if the word spreads enough maybe millions of other men will grow their own character and ability to give women what they want.

This is all about getting sex and women more efficient or effectively than ever, yes but it's so much more first that you will further realize.

And yes you can have respectful sexual relations with a woman (what I teach) even in one-night stands.  This is the only way to fly (mutual respect, consenting adults).

Anyone who says differently doesn't understand women's level of freedom and independence today and their right to exercise it; girls want to have fun and DON'T want to be courted by every man that they know they're not going to marry anyways or have to worry about having a kid and mortgage with each guy they have fun with.

But stepping back for a bit to really embrace the power and grow as a man of character is about the most valuable thing you could do in your life anyways besides sharing that with other people (interdependence).

This was just a little preview...there is a lot more in the Ebook and I explain things in more detail from different angles as well.  I want you to freely distribute this ebook..you can do that.

In the eBook I even show you WHY those PUA's that are successful 'are successful'.  It's ALL in the charts.  If you want to get back to the 'flashier' stuff, good luck and have fun with it. 

Model Magnet towards the right end of the continuum is going to have some incredibly mind-opening flashy stuff that is so impossibly ridiculous you wouldn't believe it would work.  It's a level above in 'pick up'.

If this was a little bit too much to take in at once, then just stick around because I'm going to be re-fashioning success with women w/ Model Magnet.  Maybe it will even turn an industry or two inside out.

You can do things the hard way or you can learn from the universal truth and leverage your way to success and much faster by learning a few counterintuitive things first that will help you be so good that you don't even have to 'try' in order to get laid again. 

It is the invisible, deep art that virtually eliminates rejection.

There's a lot more to learn that directly and indirectly has everything to do with your future success. 


Here are three free video clips on the

Model Magnet System:


'Character Continuum' Clip

'Female Attraction Response Model' Clip

'Relational Model of Attraction' Clip


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Model Magnet Philosophy: Intro
Why it's in your best interest
First Impression: How Women See
She's as Tough as a SGM: Extrapolation

Do Men Extrapolate & Judge Women?
It's More Than Looks



Character Continuum: Overview

Why Character Matters
The Average PUA: Charted
The Wussboy: Charted
The Natural/Universal Effectiveness

Her Attraction/Response

The F.A.R.M.

The Relational Model of Attraction

Why are Women Attracted to Bad Boys?
The Relational Model: Man's Perspective

Success Prevention Analogy
How a Man Fails / Keeping Magnetism
True Colors & Men who Succeed
Maintaining Your Independence..
Deeper into the Character Reality
Extrapolate This! & Your Image

Is all of this worth it?
Pre-Teen Girls: Judges of Character
Boy Band Attraction Phenomenon
PUA & the Bigger Picture
The Path Less Taken
Model Magnet Philosophy: Summary
The Model Magnet Training System
Additional Diagrams/ Appendix


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Remember that the path to true greatness and effectiveness lies beneath the quick-fix surface level solutions.  You're going to have to open your mind and see things from a different angle. 


When you start a journey of realignment towards becoming more of who you really were meant to be, you begin to feel power and freedom as a man.  You stop caring less about what women and others think of you because your strength comes from within.  And when you can understand what's been holding you back, everything will start slipping into natural alignment where it belongs. 


People can say what they want around you but they'll respect you for being YOU and their body language will tell the truth (about their real response to you).  My breakthrough is already being scorned by some people (who don't even understand it albeit); that means it's power is real because I am leading by example as well.


I'm offering this to you to achieve the success in life and with dating that you know you deserve because you have stumbled upon the truth of attraction...the key to unlock your true self; to become a man of higher character that is irresistible to (all) women.


The end result?  A level of effectiveness that makes the entire game of attraction and success with women quite simple and consistent.  This is not a collection of pick-up lines, rather the truth about attraction in reality and how to succeed with women on a scope and scale that defies any comparison (when you reach completion).


Don't even try to b.s. women, they 'get it'.  Work with them by being (through becoming) the man that they want in the first place.


Your mentor,






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"Hey dude, man am I glad that I discovered you... I've been into this stuff for about a year now, and read EVERYTHING by the PUA's and about seduction - the whole thing.... Mysery, Style, Dave DeAngelo, ThunderCat blah blah... All of it.

All along I've had this gut feeling that there is something WRONG with it all. I've tried all the shit and it just didn't feel right. Like it does not cure what I wanted to be cured, which is a feeling of deep internal WEAKNESS. Not getting laid is the by-product of this, I  KNOW THAT.

This belief grew more by having a girl in my life that I really liked who didn't care a fig for me, but I watched the kinds of guys she was attracted to and they were all NATURALS to one degree or another, where as I'm not (yet).  

So I've been tooling around with all this seduction shit for ages and then I just decided (like YESTERDAY) that it was bullshit and I need to work on becoming a natural, then today I happen onto your website.

I pretty much feel like going home, grabbing all the books I've got and throwing them all on Ebay (which I may very well do) because you are the ONLY GUY that is saying stuff that makes sense to me. Dave DeAngelo is like HALF WAY there*.

I've been seeking CORRECT KNOWLEDGE for all this time, now I'm dead certain I've found it.

Do you have any recommendations as to what to get first? I've got your ebook so the first thing I'm gonna do is read that... 


Simon, Australia.

*my comments: Dave D. and others kick ass and all guys who are looking for a solution out of having to deal with an unnatural social reality will always have my respect b/c they're taking action and making things happen to find a resolution to pain..just keep in mind the big big picture and that there are perhaps easier ways to achieve the same results (FINALLY)!


A few years ago I actually bought his Advanced CD Series (DYD) and it did have
some interesting stuff in it, but if I were to compare it to the Model Magnet and Character Continuum, DYD would be the intermediate level or introduction to something much more profound.
-Philip, S. Africa

An uber-player ModelMagnet Man:


-Is Always Independent and quite interdependent (makes connections)



-Never needs approval or acceptance from women




-Doesn't whine or make excuses about what he now knows is the truth



-Is becoming more of a man's man and a ladies man



-Doesn't need external validation from anyone



-Is connected to a universal understanding of his masculine relationship to everything in existence, history and society



-Shows his true colors on the outside without shame


-Chooses the natural paradigm of attraction instead of the forced reality


"I just found out about your materials and as another man that naturally attracts women, I want to give you a warm high-five. 

I've gone through a little of other people's materials in the past but it felt that something
was missing and things didn't have to be that complicated and contrived

Lately I've just been myself (as in a man with character) and doing/saying
whatever I've wanted..." -Jon


-Rarely gets rejected


"Hi Rion I am doing great!  All I can say is that after reading your e-book I
felt like a new man.  I know it sounds corny but I did. 

Your e-book beats fastseduction101 by a mile"

-Mark B.


-Can break the 'tourist plane' at anytime on his whim to make a connection



-Understands 'extrapolate this!' and purposely gives women a reason to come up and talk to him



-Is fearless around all independent and beautiful women in the world




-Can say anything he wants to a woman and make it work



-Is comfortable in his own skin



-Is an alpha male by nature (reconnected) and is showing it by choice




-Is the Rated 'R' guy and not the Rated 'X' guy (until that time comes and w/o words)



-Knows how to lead the process of natural attraction



-Can pick up and receive nonverbal communication and signals from women b/c he is tuned in to that frequency



-Knows how to accelerate attraction when interacting with a woman who is respondingly receptive



-Practices the invisible art of uberplayer with respect for all women and adding value to their lives; a true win/win experience




-Doesn't go out of his way to meet women; they come to him



-Never ever acts dependent on any woman



-Understands and embraces the fact that all leverage is in his favor to give women what they want




-Continuously improves himself, his understanding and his abilities



-Has something to bring to the table of value (even if it's not good looks) despite just trying to 'take' something from a woman



-Has increasingly growing high social status (even without looks or money)




-Knows how to dress and represent his style on the outside (extrapolate this!)



-Expects crazy things to happen out of the blue anytime he's around women and understands why



-Learns all kinds of model magnet accelerators (sometimes call 'negs') to say to women or can make them up on the fly



-Is NEVER nervous, confused or anxious around any woman



-Has complete control over his formerly instant emotional response (and change in physiology) to her beauty due to understanding it's roots and dealing with it



-Realizes that objectifying women is not the answer (unless it's rosy palmer)



-Gives women a chance to qualify and prove themselves to him (the way it used to and is supposed to be)



-Becomes more interdependent and social as a man in order to make more connections and get and give more value out of life itself



-Is not a wussboy



-As an uberplayer, is not clearly known or 'seen' as a 'player' but women can probably guess that he is



-Remains a mystery to women and doesn't reveal too much about his deep inner character (she can't get it enough and it maintains the natural paradigm)




-Doesn't approach' women, he connects as does it PG-13 and then takes it to Rated 'R' if she's r.r.




-Knows that millions of women want him (or would) once they got to know him




-Knows that he can sexually please all qualified women




-Is comfortable and congruent in any social situation, especially when the pressure is on




-Doesn't raise a pulse in the face of challenge from any female




-Can pass any female tests easily b/c he understands the MM system




-May kiss women at random




-1 night stands are not uncommon at all




-Has women whispering and even dropping their jaws when he enters the room when he fully becomes congruent with MM teaching and training




-Is congruent with everything she could desire throughout his communication with her (incl. before & after)




-Understands it's up to him to make connections if he chooses when women aren't approaching him




-Understands that 'lines' or 'accelerators' are only to be used on top of the natural paradigm and independent congruency/true colors


"I FOUND THE COOL CLIQUE RIoN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The one I've been looking for OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well connected, from Europe to NYC.


Tony Robbins and recently you have helped me in asking the right questions and taking action.

Peace! "



-Accepts the place of PUA/Seduction in the bigger of life and as a byproduct of the forced reality




-Chooses to live the 'natural' lifestyle of pick up; a true ladies man and casanova




-Closes much more often than the PUA and understands why

"Your teaching is amazing and unbelievable, dude.  Just for the record, I
started reading your material when I got linked to it from
www.fastseduction101.com .

Let me tell ya, I've never visited that site again and just waited for your
mails when I finished reading the e-book :P .  This is so true; this one
co-worker is harsh flirty and inside I'm just laughing because I'm not even
doing or saying anything to cause her to act that way!  I'm no jerk; all I'm
saying is that you are absolutely correct when you say that you don't even
have to have the 'pickup lines' or let alone say anything for them to be
attracted to you.

I believe at this stage I have tapped into the natural and universal balance
of the C.C and I cannot even sometimes comprehend how simple it has to be. 
Your word is law, bro."

-Mark B.


-Will sweep women off of their feet and give them an unforgettable time while knowing each step of the way (while she follows eagerly and blindly) for a win/win




-Doesn't deal with drama if he doesn't want it




-Knows his boundaries and doesn't let her get away with ANYTHING that violates it




-Usually chooses AMP (accelerated mating program) and let's women know at the beginning of the relationship that there is no drama, just fun and physical times




-Can walk away from the most desirable of women if he wants without blinking an eye




-Has 'the power


"many guys today are entirely being the response to a woman as the stimulus...and it is the opposite of natural attraction. (women resent it) and that's why everything's all screwed up in our relational societies... 

you as a man are supposed to be the model of attraction and stimulus for women to respond to (because they WILL respond to you somehow including ignoring you). 

and if you aren't the man with the characteristic qualities that = value to her, she'll find the closest man that is"   

-the sage

attraction isn't a choice (dave d.) because when you are the man that meets her expectational /response ideal (m.m. charts) or comes closest she has no choice but to be interested in you and help you progress your relationship. 

for her to deny it is the equivalent of you not desiring sex with hot, beautiful women and there's now more of those than men of character (look around).

go figure your odds:

Be the man that women want +

She can't ever find the (emotionally healthy) man she wants +

all the other women are looking for a man like you = massive succesx and puts you WAY ahead of any competition


-Is not a jerk, chauvinist or asshole




-Is all about adding value and sowing seeds (of communication) into the world




-Can frame the relationship right off the start upon connection



-Knows what he wants out of life




-Never turns back into a wussbag when he is with a wonderful woman b/c he knows he'll lose her by violating the natural paradigm of attraction




-Is not, creepy or slimy


"Hi Rion,

I love your e-books and I'm waiting for others to be released."

-michael k.


-Can be the life of the party and is comfortable anywhere he goes




-Understands cultural differentiation and that sex/love knows no boundaries



-Is improving himself to have a more interesting lifestyle



-Is completely indifferent to the outcome of any situation (ref. Brent)



-Is a solid rock around any and all women...cannot be deterred by her drama, social status or desire



-Is a provider and protector for when he would have kids



-Can naturally approach and connect with celebrities, models, actresses at any point in time without fear



-Is always 'on' and ready to connect with people (esp. women) and is showcasing data for her to extrapolate



"this stuff is like a breath of fresh air from fastseduction.com, deangelo,
TD, MM. all that seduction stuff."  -jimi



-Improves his image to the best of his ability



-Practices eye contact and improving communication skills to accelerate attraction


"Rion, you are da man!  Ha haaa!!!!

The guys were all hanging around and leaning into these two gals tonight I met earlier in the night.  We all met up at the bar where first I was basically ignoring them.  "What's going on".  Both 21 year old hotties, 9's if you want to put a number to it.  Totally classy gurls.  I would just leave and go talk to other people I knew every once and a while and come back, had one hold my drink for me while I went to the rest room.  Eventually the one gurl and I had somewhat a deep conversation then started hugging me.  Just before closing, she took ahold of my hand and then leaving led ME out of the bar. : ) Seeing girls and other guys watch us leave was a little fun in itself. 

... I am 35.  To top it off another young gurl I know from a restraurant I go to  that I've been interested in was there.  She seemed to be checking out the situation rather curious, lol  X's friend  wanted a kiss seeing her friend kissing me which I darted and kissed her on the cheek instead.  Actually, I think that may have been a test.  B'cause they had a conference in the restroom afterward, lol. 

Not long after that she was with me.  ; ) Let's just say it was a happy ending.  

I have never met and picked up a gurl with so little effort, it's amazing.  I didn't say a whole lot the entire evening.  I feel like a king."




"I'm feeling something inside of me building up and feels like it's going to explode when I fully understand all this".