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-with Rion Williams

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"Your character is the 'stimulus' and she is the 'response' and her attraction

response determines EVERYTHING including your success or failure"   -the sage


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Note: These video clips are only a sample representation of the full overview/Attraction Defined training.  What happened is I ended up producing the full shebang and it turned out to be almost 3 hours long. 


That takes up a tremendous amount of bandwidth not to mention that the breakdown of 'Attraction Defined' is represented better than I'd thought.


To conserve bandwidth and to give you a sample of the full program (available for instant purchase download) I'm giving you free access to these much shorter clips.


More information can be found after the last free video on how to instantly get access to the entire 2:43 hr. 'Attraction Defined' video presentation.  Enjoy the clips!              -Rion

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